Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Things Overheard on Chris Matthews

Chris wanted to know who Jonathan Edwards was. Chris, he just happens to be the greatest mind this continent has ever produced. Pastor, theologian, philosopher, scientist. He also just happened to be the guy that wrote "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." Many people don't like the sermon, but that's what happens when God is in the hands of angry sinners.

Chris was interviewing the governor of Minnesota. Chris was asking why the welfare state has been discredited (according to the governor). The governor hit the nail on the head. It was misunderstanding of human nature and how markets work. One is just the aggregate of the other.

Every freaking MSNBC person was trying to drive a wedge between social conservatives and those more like Giuliani. (No, no bias here.) It's a political party people. Republicans generally work like this: if you agree with me on 4 of 5 issues vote for me. Or, in the case of Ed Koch, vote for me if you agree with me on one really important issue. Also, news flash. A lot of Democrats don't believe in gay marriage.

Presbyterian Church (USA) Backing Off of Orders to Divest From Israel

Many quarters of my denomination have backed off of the Bible using double-speak. What's a piddling little document ordering divestment from Israel?

Article on Protest Warrior

A darn funny conservative group.

Did Jimmy Carter Mess Up in Saying the Venezuela Elections Were On the Up and Up?

Believe me, I'm no fan of a socialist president. I was talking about Hugo Chavez. Who did you think I was talking about?

Police Ticket Quotas

I know the state police will always say that there is no quotas set on police for the amount of tickets they give out per month. But today is the last day of August. And I noticed 4 or so police cars when I usually see 1 or none.

Police many times are turned into revenue generators instead of keepers of the public's safety and peace.

Guiliani Gives a Strong Historical Overview of Terrorism in Speech

That's a good thing to see. He basically said something I have mentioned on more than one occasion. Weakness emboldens terrorists.

He tore into Arafat, which is also good to see.

Jessica Simpson to Perform at Latin Grammys

When I hear those words, I think to myself "overexposure."

Clerks Sequel Announce; 10th Anniversary of Original

Every so often something comes around to remind you how fast time passes. I remember watching Clerks on video my first summer out of school.

Labor Day and the end of summer has that tendency to remind us of that as well. The good news is that we don't have to go back to school (teachers excluded). The bad news is that we don't have to go back to school.

Monday, August 30, 2004


A website tracks investments and companies which support terror. For example, a company could be doing business with North Korea which the California state pension plan may invest in.

Barry Bonds Deserves the MVP

There are players who are doing incredibly well this year, like Scott Rolen. But Bonds is completely beyond any player I've ever seen.

His on-base percentage is .606 and he is leading the league in batting average as well. An OBP above 600 is completely insane. I can't see giving the MVP to anyone else.

Why I Was Rooting Against Team U.S.A. in Basketball

The NBA has become incredibly bad to watch. I was at a Sixers game last season, where there was about 10 missed slam dunks. The general working theory why the players do this instead of accomplishing the far simpler lay up is so that they were raised on SportsCenter and the spectacular play.

Whatever the case may be the style of play isn't very entertaining at all. The international game is more conducive to an entertainment. And if a bunch of NBA players can lose to international teams, maybe the NBA game will get better.

Should Judged Sports Be Thrown Out of the Olympics?

Thanks to John Rabe for the link.

Grand Prix Priest Attacks Lead Marathon Runner

Running on the Grand Prix racetrack is a good indication that mental sanity has gone bye-bye.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Socialism Dragging Down France's Economy

Hopefully, one day, we can put socialist policies on the ash heap of history along with Nazi-ism and communism.

Here would be my four rules for government-charity programs:
1) A private solution should be attempted and not hindered first.
2) A program should never create dependence on the government.
3) A program should not discourage people from working and getting off the program.
4) It is morally wrong to tax one group of people to help the poor when you are unwilling to bear any of that burden yourself. For example, the middle 80 percent of earners shouldn't impose a tax on the top 10 percent in order to help the bottom 10 percent. If you aren't willing to help the person yourself, the program shouldn't be instituted.

As someone with a kidney disease, I dread the day they impose a socialist national universal health care programs. I have a vested interest in not getting crappy care. Which will happen. How do I know? Just as gravity will cause an object to fall, government control of something it shouldn't have control over will be a disaster.

NAACP Chairman Accuses Bush of Racial Divisiveness

because he didn't go the NAACP convention. He denies calling Bush names, but overlooks the fact his organization ran ads equating the opposition to hate crimes legislation to dragging James Byrd over again.

I have news for Mr. Bond. We aren't being racist. If we were racist, we would vote Democratic. In the last forty years, has there been a better way to destroy the black family unit than support the welfare state? I mean Democratic opposition to school choice has been such a success in the inner city. The lack of Social Security reform also hurts the black community, many of whom die before hitting retirement age. Since conservatives are supposed to be racist, you think we would vote Democratic more often. Alas, we don't.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Guns n' Roses: Behind the Music

I finally got to see Guns n' Roses: Behind the Music. I never knew Slash died and got the Pulp Fiction needle in the heart.

I will say this: Axl is really talented. However, using the name "Guns n' Roses" with only one original member is a travesty. If he called himself "the Axl Rose Project", I would be fine with that. I would be more willing to listen. I wouldn't have thoughts that he betrayed my adolescent years. But, unfortunately, no one would care about the band either.

Don't Go Jumping to Conclusions

Two Russians planes recently exploded in the air at the exact same time. Russia at first didn't want to rush to any conclusions that it was terrorism.

I'm trying to come up with other theories.

Passangers ate too much chili. Ashton Kutcher was using his Butterfly Effect. A mechanical error which was set to a timer.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Incessant Whining and Campaign Finance Reform

In April, Terry McAuliffe, chairman of the Democratic Party, accused George Bush of being AWOL from National Guard duty. Kerry said those were important questions. MoveOn.org and co. run with the accusations to this day, despite clearly refuting evidence.

But what is good for the goose is definitely not good for the gander.

Despite comparing Bush to Hitler and having United States senators slanderously saying things about Bush and the Iraq war, they now want Bush to shut down a small group of veterans, many decorated, who have a relatively small amount of money. Chutzpah is the only word I can really think of.

Now, the dangers of campaign finance reform are becoming apparent. Kerry can't confront his accusers without breaking these stupid laws, which more people are recognizing as unconstitutional.

I'm trying to understand why they were enacted. I don't think politicians think they are overthrowing the Constitution.

I think politicians hate attack ads. Can't stand them. The fact that they may come from private citizens instead of their opponent is even worse. They can't just say "my opponent is behind this." Although Kerry is doing that. And he is making himself look like a cry-baby. "Waaah. Bush, can you make them stop attacking me?" Doesn't make him look Presidential, which is fine by me.

I wish Bush would back free speech rights, but that is another gripe.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

NPR Interview Cancelled

The reporter's spot was cut short, so only the major parties to the Avodat Yisrael controversy will be interviewed.

But the good news is that the reporter will be asking Andrew Sparks if Jews need Jesus to get into heaven and whether he does evangelism. And if not, why not? If so, does his presbytery know?

All I've wanted, from the beginning is for Andrew Sparks to be flushed into the open so he has to answer questions. Will he be consistent with previous answers? I don't know.

I assume he will come out against Jews going to hell and against evangelism. The PC(USA) and the UMJC will probably be ok with that. Will conservatives realise Avodat Yisrael compromises the gospel? Who knows?

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Great British Article About Kerry and Vietnam

Good points:
Why are the interviewers so crazy and Swift Vets so calm and factual?

Is John Kerry a bad candidate or what? Best quote: "I said a couple of weeks back that John Kerry was too strange to be President, and a week or two earlier that he was too stuck-up to be President. Since I'm on an alliterative roll, let me add that he's too stupid to be President. What sort of idiot would make the centrepiece of his presidential campaign four months of proud service in a war he's best known for opposing?"

"How cocooned from reality do you have to be to think you can transform one of the most divisive periods in American history – in which you were largely responsible for much of the divisiveness – into a sappy, happy-clappy, soft-focus patriotic blur without anybody objecting? Most Vietnam veterans of my acquaintance loathe John Kerry, and, if he wasn't aware of that, he's too out of it to be President."

John Edwards would win because of his hair. I'm not sure what the Dems were thinking.

Boston Globe Editorial Discusses the Obviousness of a Pro-Kerry Media Bias

New Book Backs Up WMD and Al Qaeda Claims

Roger Hedgecock interviewed an author today, who isn't a big fan of Bush, but I digress.

He claims there were indeed WMDs. He claims that the evidence was solid, and the WMDs went to Syria.

He also claims that the Al Qaeda connections were pretty extensive. He actually wrote about that in a book in 1999.

One more for the Bush Lied Crowd.

Kerry's Vietnam Stories Falling Apart

First, Kerry didn't want to go to Vietnam, but couldn't get a deferment according to Kerry himself in the early 70s. If he were honest, I don't think anyone would care. He seems intent on shooting himself in the foot.

It also looks like the Kerry campaign is backing off claims the first purple heart was from enemy fire. Again, if this pans out, no big deal. But why does his story keep changing? Who cares? The only self-inflicted wounds Kerry has to worry about are needlessly political.

Overtime vs. Offshoring

Or let's call this entry having your economic cake and eating it too.

So overtime rules have changed and Moveon.org and the Kerry campaign are decrying the new rules because they give more leverage to employers.

Well do you want employees to be more expensive or do you want jobs to go overseas? Make up your mind. You can't have both. This is pretty simple cause and effect. Make employees more expensive; people will hire less; more jobs will go overseas.

Lots of People Voting in Both NYC and Florida

Monday, August 23, 2004

North Korea Backs Kerry

There's an endorsement for you. Al Qaeda, Kim Jung Il...those foreign leaders keep backing Kerry.

Iraqi Arms Scientists Killed Before They Can Talk

Riddle me this Batman. If there were no WMDs, nor WMD programs, why the heck are Iraqi arms scientists being killed? And don't you think the remaining scientists would be a wee bit squemish about talking and revealing anything?

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hilarious: SwiftVet in Ad Used to Chair McCain Campaign

They're doing to Kerry what they did to McCain!!! Ummm, I think Kerry means that it is Halliburton's fault.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

New Swiftboat Ad Hits Kerry

As Kerry starts going on the offensive against the Swift Boat Vets, here comes along an ad which will show a young Kerry accusing Vietnam vets of war crimes.

Now, he should have seen this coming. And this ad, in my estimation, will be very bad for Kerry. Far worse than the first one. Because this one go to his creidibility with people that the first one couldn't. People, if they didn't know about this phase of Kerry's life, just knew him as a war hero. Attacking a war hero's record may not be that effective.

This is why I advised Kerry not to go on the offensive against the Swift Boat Vets. They always had this as an ace in the hole.

Goldberg's Thoughtful Article on Gay Marriage

Proponents for gay marriage make some thoughtful arguments. But they fall to pieces on the questions like "why not marriage between 500 people or goats and people?"

"But nobody wants something like that?"

That's not the point of the question. The point of the question is that there is no logical basis for saying those things should be invalid if we follow your argumentation. We are not saying you support incest marriages or beastiality marriages.

Republicans Outraged By Inaccuracies In
Metallica Documentary

WASHINGTON, DC—Republican congressmen lambasted the documentary Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster for its "gross inaccuracies and fabrications" Monday. "[Filmmakers] Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky are clearly biased," Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert said. "By editing together concert footage from three different mediocre shows, they have given the general public a false impression that Metallica still kicks ass." Hastert added that there is no hard evidence to support the film's argument that the album St. Anger has more thrashing riffs than Kill 'Em All.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Destroying the Class Warfare Arguments

The rich are actually paying more in taxes.

I was listening to the radio the other day. Someone was interviewing some Millionaires Against Bush, or some such thing. An astute caller asked if they gave they let the government keep their tax break, which the IRS is perfectly willing to accept. No, he hadn't. That seems to be a generally common theme.

So all you liberals out there. Feel free to not take your refund. Put your money where your mouths are.

You Can't Escape Your Conscience

Jay Budziszewski, at the beginning of this radio show (Windows Media), discusses the "I Had an Abortion" t-shirt. Dr. Budziszewski argues that the t-shirt is a form of confession. Deep-down inside, people know that the baby is a baby, not a blob of tissue. It reminded me of an article about the nightmares of abortion providers.

The heart is deceitfully wicked. We have an amazing capacity to deceive ourselves. But our conscience will work itself out in the form of guilt, anger, nerves, etc.

Bear Passes Over Busch Beer

"Bear has better taste than stereotypical frat boy" would be the alternative headline.

Michael Jackson Gives Great Overview of America's Beer Scene

No, not that Michael Jackson. He claims that America has the best beer in the world. I'm not sure if I agree with that. I would say we have the best selection.

Michael Medved and National Review Don't Care for Alan Keyes Race for the Senate

I'm tending to agree.

More Evidence That Liberals Are Nice and Conservatives Are Mean

I know a lot of nice liberals. A lot of nice conservatives. And some annoying conservatives. Annoying liberals. But the traditional spin that conservatives are evil and liberals are the paragons of tolerance is pretty much b.s.

Article on Open Source Software and Economics

A pro-open source article, that actually uses sound economic reasoning.

Another Article About Iraq-Al Qaeda Connections

The author covers a few minor points I haven't heard before.

Misunderstanding Moneyball

Moneyball is a fabulous books about sabermetrics primarily. And a lot about how the Oakland A's use sabermetrics. Basicly, use good and objective statistics to build a winning baseball team. For the Oakland A's, it's about doing it with less money.

Many of us, both pro and con, got caught up in on base percentage, etc. But most of us missed the underlying point of the book. Sell what the market (other teams) overvalues. Buy what the market undervalues. Thereby, do more with less.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

What Is John Kerry Thinking?

First, he walks into a trap by giving a highly nuanced answer saying he would have voted for the war again. I guess he feels that the radical anti-war people aren't voting for Nader.

Now, he says two things that boggle the mind.

Kerry said we should include Iraq's neighbors into talks (or something like that) because they have a vested interest in a democratic Iraq. Do you mean Iran and Syria?

Then, he said that he didn't make the Vietnam war controversial. It already was controversial. Umm, maybe the person who created an anti-war group, someone whose comments were used to break the will of our own P.O.W.'s, shouldn't be saying things like that.

Just some friendly political advice.

If Sudan Had an Armed Populace Would Genocide Have Been Prevented?

Reminds me of a Protest Warrior t-shirt.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Apparently Yu-Gi-Oh Deserved to Be on the Worst Movie List

Advertising, the occult, and bad animation. Sounds like a winner.

Another Article Showing the Silliness of the "Bush Lied" Crowd

Facts generally won't convince those with blind rage. But I present them to you anyway.

Tommy Franks, Hosni Mubarak, the entire world community. All liars apparently.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Why Racial Profiling Can't Be Entirely Successful

Someone once asked me if I support racial profiling. I do to some extent. But before you start getting all weird, let me make something clear. Racial profiling, to me, means that you take a closer look at certain groups based on common sense. You look for the Italian mafia among Italians, for example. Does this mean you violate the rights of all those you look at? No.

But many, due to abuses African-Americans have suffered by police, equate racial profiling with violating rights.

That's another discussion we can have at a later time.

But what I'd really like to say here is that we can't totally racial profile, even in the good, common sense. Why? Muslims aren't a race.

We do need to put a red flag for anyoen who has done serious time in prison. Prisons are a hot bed for radical Islam.

What If Both the Right and Left Are Wrong About Radical Islam?

Muslims actually take the example of Muhammad seriously. And trying to interpret Muslim terrorists without understanding this or a little bit of actual Muslim history is a foolish endeavour.

Could Iraq's WMDs Possibly Have Gone to Syria?

Two Weeks Worth of Good News From Iraq

Why New Jersey Is a Pit of Corruption

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Today Marks My One-Year Anniversary with Good Beer

Aug. 15th I took a tour of Yuengling. Aug. 16th I took a tour of Flying Fish. I've been hooked, in a figurative sense, since then.

As Bob said of the Yuengling factory tour, where are the Oompa Loompas?

Is the U.N. Deadlier Than Guns in the Sudan?

Saturday, August 14, 2004

What Are the Worst Films of All Time?

I can only comment on the films I've seen. My worst films, iIn no particular order:

Beer People Are Some of the Nicest

Along with surfers, beer geeks must be some of the nicest people you can hang out with.

I just got back from Heavyweight's 5th Anniversary open house. Heavyweight is a unique and interesting brewery. Small two. One person operation (along with the owner's lovely wife Peggy).

They made food and people brought food. And we all had a good time hanging out. The best part was that everyone brought nice and hard-to-get beers. Here is a sampling of what was available.

1) New Belgium's oak aged La Folie.

2) Cantillion Saint Lamvinus. Belgian Lambic with Bordeaux grapes added for the second round of fermentation. Fabulous. A good beer for wine lovers.

3) A Belgian beer made with dandelions. Good and interesting.

4) Heavyweight make an ancient Scotish-style ale made with rosemary and other herbs. No hops added. Just like the old days. Not for everyone, but really interesting.

5) An incredible smoked German beer. The smoky flavor reminds you of bacon, but it has none in it. Sometimes flavors you associate with something else (bacon, smoke), remind you of the other thing. Really good and better than the American smoked beers I've tried.

Krauthammer Details McCain-Feingold Flaws

It's pretty funny. And it is not a First Amendment case that George Will or myself would advocate.

Bush can't denounce the Swift Boat Vets. That would be a violation of the law. And if I am correct, denouncing is a form of speech. Can't have that.

Really Bad Possible News for Kerry

Someone in the blogosphere believes he found an inconsistency. It looks like the person claiming to have been on Kerry's boat was never on his boat.

Frankly, I don't care too much about the gotcha aspects of all this. I'm not sure if this is true or not.

But what I do find interesting is how the primary process doesn't allow any vetting of potential candidates.

And what the heck was up with Edwards not trying to get the nomination in the Spring? This stuff could have come out then. My first thought when Edwards was one of the only two left was "oh no, he has good hair and is handsome."

If you think I'm being silly, think back to the 2000 election. Gore kisses wife. Gore goes up. W. kisses Oprah, they remain even til the election.

Yes, I would love to have a thoughtful debate on issues. But frankly, I have politically more in common with Hwang than I do with somebody who says "George Bush kissed Oprah so he's not so bad."

Friday, August 13, 2004

U.N. Corruption in Oil-for-Food Gets NY Times Coverage

Media Bias and Class Warfare All in One Day (and in the same article too)

The conservative Heritage think tank released a statement showing how biased the media is. They've generally reported that the rich are getting all the tax cuts and (insert normal class warfare here). Before the tax cuts, the top 20 percent would have paid 64% of all taxes. They now pay 64.3% of all taxes.

That's right. An increase. You did not read that wrong.

The tax code is now even more progressive and unfair, but everyone's rates went down.

Oh the humanity!

I Live In One of the Most Politically Corrupt States in the Union

And the voters don't really care! Yay!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Life Is Really Weird

Freshman year in high school Jess and I and someone else I can't remember were playing some stupid game in study hall in the library. Something to do with randomly putting stuff down on a paper in certain categories (like car, job, etc.). Whatever you randomly pick at the end is how your life is supposed to turn out. Married to a heroin addict while driving a Yugo. Something stupid to pass the time.

Jess and I decide to put that piece of paper into what must be the most boring book in the school library, so it will go forever undisturbed and preserved. Then I click on a random Wall Street Journal article.

First sentence: Arguably the most influential work of American history is Charles A. Beard's "An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States," published in 1913.

I laughed out loud. The most influential work of American history is also two 14 year old's idea of the most boring book in the library.

Speak Where God Speaks, Be Quiet Otherwise

I am conservative. (just in case you haven't read the blog) I believe in the truth of those positions. It is one thing to argue for these positions. It is quite another to make them binding on the church. This problem is not unique to either side of the political spectrum.

Here is a recent letter to Presbyweb.

Now let me get this right... The PC(USA) at the level of the General Assembly is unable to make clear statements regarding foundational doctrinal matters (i.e., sola Christus- Christ alone), or regarding the basics of sexual ethics (like "sodomy is wrong) because "we are not yet of one mind on the issues...." Yet, the General Assembly can make definitive statements about how to achieve peace in the Middle East, and what U.S. policy ought to be toward Israel and the Palestinians. Intriguing, since as Reformed Christians we have divine revelation regarding the first matters, yet not regarding the second. Hmm, could it be that we are a denomination that has lost its way? That we are majoring in the minors?

Could it be that we have traded the birthright of the Gospel for a mess of politically correct pottage?

Rev. Walter L. Taylor
Forest Park Presbyterian Church
Statesville, North Carolina

When the Bible speaks clearly, we should not be afraid to invoke the fact that God is behind us. But when the Bible is silent on complex, present-day issues, we shouldn't stop advocating, but we shouldn't invoke the church's authority.

Fuller's Will Be Bringing Their 2004 Vintage Ale to America

To quote Ben Franklin. Proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.

McGreevey Resigns Amid Homosexual Affair

There will be a lot more to this than just homosexual sex. I just heard McGreevey's last opponent say he knew about his proclivities and wanted to leave that alone. Pretty much everyone in government knew. But if this issue affected his behavior in office, the media was derelict in their duty to investigate. We will see.

I can't imagine he is simply resigning because he is gay.

9/11 Commissioner Interviewed by Michael Medved Today

He confirmed that there was Iraq-Al Qaeda connections. Their finding that was misreported was limited to 9/11 operations, not general connections between the two.

Friday the Firkinteenth

Cask-condition, or real, ale. The owner of the Grey Lodge, who is a nice guy, has single-handedly made Friday the 13th very lucky.

Sen. Feingold Happy He's Subverting the First Amendment

McCain-Feingold is a complete abomination to the first amendment. Proof-positive that you can't rely on the Supreme Court will protect your rights.

Two points: 1) If you don't like money in politics, get politics out of money. 2) Money gives you the opportunity to have people hear you. Hence, any regulation on money in politics is a regulation on speech.

Feingold's problem is, as Friedman said, that he doesn't like special interests unless its his own.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Economics 101 From Walter Williams

Europe's Economic Output Is Really Low

And their average standard of living is far behind America. The article mentions that our worst state, Mississippi, is about equivalent to the standard European standard of living.

Is the Media Investigating the Swift Boat Thing Enough?

A good article detailing how the media's zeal to unseat Bush is making them resistant to a good investigation.

Goldberg's Article on Why the Keyes Campaign Is a Problem

It's a symptom of a problem with politics, both Democratic and Republican. Worth a read.

Blankley's Well-Balanced Article on the Swift Boats

The veterans involved, both for and against Kerry, seem believable. Now, the fact that Kerry is trying to attack them personally instead of going directly after the charges doesn't sit well. Kerry basicly said he and these comrades committed atrocities when Kerry returned home. In light of that backdrop, it seems to add insult to injury to attack these people who he already attacked. Many of them are Democrats. But if they are lying, it is probably because they are still upset with the activist Kerry of yesterday. That doesn't mean the charges are true. But the plausibility of them is high.

Filet Minion or Dead Cousin?

I never know what to pick when I'm going to a wedding.

Al Qaeda Wants Anyone But Bush to Be Elected

All that liberal blather about how Al Qaeda is so happy with Bush because it helps them recruit, etc., etc. Guess what? It's probably just blather.

I would assume if a terrorist had to choose between Bush and a President who needed to get France on board, they would choose the one who was concerned about getting allies to like us.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Oh the Horrors!

Unnecessary searches and delays before getting on planes in order to prevent attacks. I appreciate that the ACLU is principled, even if I disagree with them.

Watergate Was a Triumph for the Rule of Law

Connections Between Islam and Terrorism More Complicated Than Commonly Reported

How Can We End Judicial Tyranny and Restore the Proper Constitutional Balance?

"The People Themselves" by Larry Kramer. I must get this book.

Giving the New York Times Sensitive Information Is Like Giving It to the Enemy

Administrations for as long as I can remember have given information to the press they shouldn't have. But this article misses a point.

The press feels it should report any information it gets, even if it hurts the war on terrorism. They don't care, or at the very least, they don't think. In the war on terrorism (or any war for that matter) the New York Times and their ilk should be treated as being a wholely owned subsidiary of the enemy. Keep your lips extremely tight around them.

Why I Love Trial Lawyers

Are Las Vegas casinos more afraid of lawsuits than terrorists? Looks like it. They passed up info about terrorists because that would make them vulnerable to lawsuits.

Monday, August 09, 2004

What Was the Cause of the Great Depression?

I finally got through the Great Depression chapter in Friedman's "Free to Choose." Friedman argues that the Federal Reserve was the cause of the Great Depression, at least the cause for its severity. He argues that the Federal Reserve decreased money supply when they should have been increasing. Furthermore, they blamed their errors on capitalism run amuck.

One important note. A major bank was allowed to fail because it was Jewish owned and many others in the banking community were anti-Semites. This caused a lot of ripples obviously.

I Would Pay Money to See a Obama vs. Keyes Debate

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Worst Fears Confirmed: Halle Berry Wants to Do Catwoman 2

Why Limited Government?

A biblical perspective on leashing the State.

Does Kerry Have Moore Problems?

Kerry has been alluding to things in the Fahrenheit 9/11 movie. Like the Saudi-Bush family connections blather.

Kerry On Iraq

New and updated footage, sources. These will make for some exceptional advertising in the Fall.

Mega-Drug Stores

In the last five or so years, there has been a trend in my area to build big, new drugstores. Walgreen's, CVS, Rite Aid...they just keep coming. And to this, I must ask why.

A few years back, movie theater chains created an overcapacity of new, big theaters. And people, including myself, actually liked those theaters. And drug stores aren't nearly as popular.

Matching Your BBQ With the Right Beer

I Have a Willis in My Backyard

In Drew University parlance, "Willis" was the name of any groundhog/woodchuck. I have one living under my shed.

As long as it stays away from the tomatoes, we'll be cool. Actually, I'm quite fond of the guy.

Food for Thought for Everyone Who Thought the Vietnam War Was a Bad Idea

Boston Globe Clarifies Role of Reporter

He's not working for Kerry at the same time, which is a good thing.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Milton Friedman, Genius

I am currently reading Milton Friedman's 1979 work Free to Choose. I got it from the library, and I highly recommend it. Right now I'm in the middle of him explaining the causes of the Great Depression. He actually mentions that Donald Rumsfeld was the only executive to have the courage to tell the Carter administration that controls on the economy was a lousy idea.

Best quote: We rail against "special interests" except when the "special interest" happens to be our own.

Kittens Make the Cutest Clones

My wife will definitely want to clone her baby, Boris. I wonder what our cat would be like if he didn't spend his formative weeks stuck in 100 degree traffic light.

Anti-Kerry Vets Hanging Tough

250 Vietnam vets may be in a big conspiracy, but they are highlighting huge media liberal bias.

1) A Boston Globe reporter, still reporting on campaign stuff, has written the official soon-to-be-released biography.
2) A reporter once said of the release of dental records that proved Bush was not AWOL: that only proves his teeth were there. Yes, Sherlock.
3) Vets are coming out for and against Kerry who knew him. A lot more against, as far as I can tell. They may both be telling the truth for all I know. I do know this. Pro-Kerry vets are automatically assumed to be telling the truth with no ulterior motives. Anti-Kerry vets are not.
4) Kerry's own previous admission of some of the things the anti-Kerry vets are saying isn't being reported.

Am I upset with the media? No. Should you be? Only if you ever thought they were objective. If you don't think they are objective, you take everything with a grain of salt.

Chief U.S. Weapons Inspector Reported to Congress in March That Saddam Had an Active Nuclear Program

Chris' Worst Fears May Be Coming True: Human Infections of Mad Cow

Thursday, August 05, 2004

It Doesn't Matter Who Funded the Ads

Kerry and co. keep mentioning in response to the aforementioned advertisement that you shouldn't listen to that ad from his comrades because they got funding from a Republican donor.

Now that's just silly. Who else was going to fund them? Should we not listen to Moveon.org because George Soros is funding them? Of course not. If Satan funded an ad, that doesn't make it untrue or not worth listening to.

If this were George Bush, Republican donors wouldn't be needed. Despite actually providing evidence that he was not AWOL from the National Guard, Bush still gets pestered about that issue. People actually know about that without a massive advertising buy.

Side note: If I were the DNC I would notthreaten TV stations not to carry the ad.

Iraq and Recruting Terrorists, Part 2

After reading an entry in Hwang's blog on this topic I wanted to further clarify my thoughts on this matter and to bring some historical context to my remarks.

In the last 20 years America has helped Muslims in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan (twice), Somalia, Kuwait, and Iraq. It has produced very little good will in the Middle East, except maybe in Kuwait.

At the same time, I would take an educated guess and say that most Arabs believe 9/11 is a Mossad/CIA fabrication and that the Holocaust didn't happen.

Please ponder that.

I would also add for your consideration that not fighting Iraq and having an embargo (and the corrupt oil-for-food) was wildly unpopular and made people hate us.

As mentioned in the blog previously, weakness towards Muslim terrorism from the Beiruit bombing to the Cole emboldened the terrorists and was probably the main help to recruitment. Weakness is perceived as weakness instead of "wow aren't they nice guys who are trying to not upset me." Which I may add is why insurgents in Iraq believe that if they cause trouble the Americans will cut and run (think Somalia, Beirut). Btw, launching a few cruise missles into Afghanistan didn't make them fear the resolve of the United States.

So given all these pieces of the puzzle the following picture emerges: the lack of democracy and of sane non-government controlled media outlets is a huge problem. Without these two things, it will be impossible to change the hearts and minds of the Arab people. And, to be honest, a free Iraq will, Lord willing, help with that.

Until that time, breathing will be used as a recruitment tool for terrorists.

Seriously though, as I mentioned earlier, smut from Hollywood and America's gay culture seriously tick off the Arab world. But I don't see anyone advocating shutting down Hollywood, etc.

John Kerry's Fellow Veterans Produce a Pretty Devastating Ad Against Him

It's one thing to have a bad record in Vietnam. Frankly, 30+ years later, I'm in no mood to question a young man's service.


Kerry keeps trying to capitalize on that service today. If he keeps doing that, it is perfectly valid to criticize him.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Tony Blair Complains That Western Iraq News Coverage Is One-Sided

Tony, I'm sorry I thought poorly of you in the 90's. Welcome to the liberal media.

News Flash: The U.N. Is a Bad, Bad Organization

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Gen. Franks on WMDs

I just heard Gen. Franks interviewed. He said that the King of Jordan, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and other Middle East leaders told him that Saddam had WMDs.

Who Is Actually Questioning the Other Side's Patriotism?

I'll give you a hint: it's not the Republicans. At least not at the leadership level or among any public comments.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Did Invading Iraq Help the Terrorists Recruit?

John Kerry and others have been saying that invading Iraq has helped the terrorists by providing them a recruiting tool. But primarily, they want to use this argument to argue going to war was a bad idea.

I think this line of thinking is bad for a number of reasons.

First off, if you don't want to upset the terrorists let's 1) ban gay marriages 2) convert to radical Islam 3) get rid of all the smut coming out of Hollywood.

How many liberals really want to do this? I would say none. Why? Sometimes doing the right thing pisses off homicidal maniacs.

Secondly, there are no statistics to show this is true. But even antectodetally, they were upset before invading Iraq.

This is exhibit number 1 in John Rabe's view of religious beliefs between liberals and conservatives. Our enemies weren't born good and then went bad in reaction to something we did.

And if you do want to mention a possible cause of their problems, say the Koran, you'll get a verbal beat down.

Now, due to their anti-semitism, we do get a better answer. "Because we support Israel." If supporting Israel causes people to want to kill me, maybe I'm on to something. It's very similar to when John McCain got supported by the media. I knew then that John McCain wasn't for me.

In a side note, lots more Jews will vote for Bush. Anti-semitism and anti-Americanism are starting to have a lot in common. Plus, Jews who support Israel can identify with liberals and Europeans being upset at you for trying to defend yourself. Best quote: Jews are “a little concerned about this notion of ‘We’re going to make friends again with Europe.’ A lot of Jews wonder whether those are the kinds of friends we want, when you listen to what’s going on in much of Europe, and how they stigmatize Israel.”

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Will Work For Beer

I was at a slow food and beer event in Prinecton today. I was pouring beer for Victory primarily. Best of all, I was doing it with the co-owner of Victory Brewing, Bill. I learned a lot from asking him questions. Beer events are always filled with friendly people.

I got in free and I got to eat and drink for free.

Best part, I got about a case of beer from Victory, Saranac, and Flying Fish. God was smiling today.

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