Thursday, August 12, 2004

McGreevey Resigns Amid Homosexual Affair

There will be a lot more to this than just homosexual sex. I just heard McGreevey's last opponent say he knew about his proclivities and wanted to leave that alone. Pretty much everyone in government knew. But if this issue affected his behavior in office, the media was derelict in their duty to investigate. We will see.

I can't imagine he is simply resigning because he is gay.

I certainly don't think this is the major reason, but come on. If he were a straight man who had an affair, this story doesn't make it past page 2 in any newspaper west of the Mississippi. I don't believe homosexuality was the make or break factor IN THIS PARTICULAR CASE, but with all of the homophobic rhetoric being thrown out there, and let's face it, Geoff, you're not immune from that either, it's not a stretch of the imagination to say that a man could resign from public office because he was forced to be outed. Hell, in the most recent Congressional elections, a popular candidate lost the election because someone pasted a picture of him getting a shave from a barber that made it look like the two were being intimate. Clearly in the photo they were not, but just the way the picture looked made voters uncomfortable enough to vote for the other guy. Every analyst said that picture ended the election right then and there. The fact is, if McGreevey were governor of, say, Tennessee instead of New Jersey, the gay thing is enough to force him to resign.

Hey, just because I think homosexual sex is a sin, doesn't mean I'm afraid of gays or want to see them persecuted.

So, if he was governor of Tenn. it would be a problem. But he's not. So it begs the question, why resign?

I would say "wait." We already know that he placed a lover with no experience (and I believe an Israeli, not American citizez) as head of homeland security for NJ. There has also been a lot corruption swirling around his administration for quite some time.
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