Saturday, July 31, 2004

PC(USA) is Told God Wants Relgious Diversity

Yeah, God wants people to believe and not believe in Jesus. It's all love and kisses.

Talk about the blind leading the blind.

Friday, July 30, 2004

NPR Interview Went Well

I'll have a followup interview in late August. I promised my interviewer I would brush up on atonal jazz. That got a laugh.

She was quite pleased with my knowledge on the subject, although she was surprised at first that I didn't support Avodat Yisrael. She now understands.

A Conservative Frenchman Tries to Explain Why Europeans Hate America

Socialism is Evil

And both Democrats and Republicans favor it.

Since Kerry Keeps Mentioning His Vietnam Experience...

I can't help but noting that he said he helped burn down villages and commit other war crimes.

Do I want to hold this against him? Not really. But if you are going to constantly mention your Vietnam record, you may want to mention that you are a self-admitted war criminal.

Oh, and that you accused practically the whole military in Vietnam of being war criminals.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

NPR Intends to Interview Me About Avodat Yisrael

I admire NPR, so I am quite thrilled about this. I just won't give them any money until they get off the government teet.

Based on the email I got, they aren't aware that I'm an Avodat Yisrael critic.

I wonder if they realize that I'm a (theologically) conservative criticising Avodat Yisrael, if they will give me more play.

MSNBC Article on the Confusion Over Niger/Wilson/Iraq Case

The mixed up world of intelligence.

Lesson I and others must learn, esp. when I react to Wilson's adamant denials. When people are trying to conceal information, that makes getting information difficult.

But, to be frank, this Niger thing was only one data point among many.

For Some Reason, Kerry Sticking with Wilson

A Number of Mainstream Acts Have Christian Leanings

There is a difference between Christian music (some very good, some very mediocre) and acts with a Christian worldview. In the former, you must sing about God, etc. In the latter, everything you do is permeated by your beliefs but not everything is about God.

And then there are "spiritual" acts like Creed, which I wouldn't say are Christian.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Ron Reagan Jr., Stem-Cell Research, Theology and Law

Ron Reagan Jr. gave a speech to the Democratic convention advocating stem-cell research.

I want to leave aside the fact that adult stem cells and stem cells found in placenta are more promising. Instead, I want to focus on how he dismisses theological arguments agains stem cell research.

I don't want to upset atheists like Ron Reagan Jr., but there can be no objective morality without a belief in God. None.

Now, don't get me wrong. Morality has been hardwired into people by God. So even atheists will have a sense of right and wrong and morality. The problem is that their beliefs aren't logically consistent with an atheist worldview. They just can't shake their God-given sense of right and wrong. They will develop a warped sense of right and wrong as they supress truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1), but the general sense will remain.

If you don't believe in God, there can be no objective morality.

In the final analysis, laws against murder, rape, stealing and a whole host of things are based on a belief in objective morality. And guess what? To be logically consistent, that requires a belief in God.

Hopefully Ron Reagan Jr. will understand this before it is too late for him.

More on C-sections and Edwards

My wife Laura made a very insightful comment regarding C-sections and lawsuits. Thanks to lawsuits pioneered by Edwards there is a dearth of doctors willing to deliver babies.

Now women who find themselves pregnant have to leave the doctor they've been seeing their entire lives and attempt to find a doctor willing to deliver babies. Usually without the extensive knowledge of the patient.

Do You Want to See Kerry Advocate for Taking Care of Saddam and his WMDs?

I sure as heck do. Windows Media Link Real Audio Link

These clips are going to make outstanding campaign ads.

How John Edwards Has Hurt the Working Man

Has your wife gotten an unnecessary c-section? It may be because of John Edwards and the faulty theory that lack of c-sections causes cerebral palsy.

The increased amount of insurance costs ripples through the economy. Good thing John Edwards will be looking out for us to help us with the higher costs he contributed to.

Do the Rich Pay Their Fair Share?

If you listened to some at the Democratic convention, you may be under the impression that the richest Americans barely pay anything in taxes. So is this true?

Here is the IRS data from 2001: Excel File

In 2001 the top 1% grossed 17.53% of all of the nations income. They paid 33.89% of the federal tax bill.

Fair would be 17.53% of the total tax bill btw. That is if we interested in absolute fairness.

Debunking Clinton's Convention Speech

Well delivered, but untrue apparently.

McGreevey Confirms Drew's Worst Fears

McGreevey was on with Michael Smerconish every morning this week. I'm paraphrasing here, but here's the deal with the millionaires tax. Once the federal government touches money and then gives you a tax cut, McGreevey feels government has the right to redistribute that money any way they see fit.

Somewhere there is a Founding Father doing a high spin in his grave.

Rethinking Michael Moore

I used to think Michael Moore was a liar. My thinking was may he and his lies rot in hell.

I now hereby publicly repent of that. Why? Not only should I pray for mercy for one such as Moore instead of wishing him ill, I really believe this man to be serious, and I have extreme pity on him. I saw him interviewed on Bill O'Reilly, and my general impression is that he believes the stuff coming out of his mouth. And that is sad.

Michael Moore states that Bush lied about WMDs. O'Reilly mentioned that the CIA, MI6, and Putin all agreed that Saddam had WMDs before the war. Not to mention Kerry, Clinton and numerous Democrats.

Here is the distinction, which should be but isn't easy for people to understand. If you say something you know to be false. That is a lie. If you use truths or half-truths to knowingly leave a false view, that is a lie.

So did Clinton, Blair, Putin, Kerry, and Bush lie? No.

It may still turn out to be WMD's in Iraq. (kind of like the uranium story discredited by Wilson turns out to be credited) But for purposes of this argument, I will concede the point.

The overall point: there is no convincing the Bush-haters with facts.

Ben Affleck, a Hollywood Liberal You Can Like

While awaiting Michael Moore to come on Bill O'Reilly, I saw O'Reilly's interview with Ben Affleck. He is not filled with hate like most Hollywood liberals who get on TV. He seems to have thought things through. Surprisingly, pro-second amendment. Or as he puts it "I believe in the whole Constitution."

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Greatest Ever Blog Post About Liberal/Conservative Differences

And why many Christians, like myself, are conservative. It is the logical outworking of worldview.

It isn't too long. I highly recommend this regardless of your political leanings.

USA Today Spikes Ann Coulter Column From Dem Convention

Is she bombastic? Yes.

But she generally makes a lot of good points at the same time.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

You Really Have to Wonder How Some People Can Read the Constitution and Not Even Remotely Understand It

Suggestions for Cheese and Beer Pairings

According to Garrett Oliver, our food and beer pairing expert, cheese coats the tongue and dulls the taste of wine. Beer's carbonation cuts through that coating.

I would also assume that Belgian beer goes very well with Belgian cheese.

More Proof That Socialism Doesn't Work

Germany, where workers have it pretty easy, have followed in the steps of California in showing the world that socialism fails every time it is tried.

Now, I'm not against saftey nets. But herein lies the difference. The saftey net protects you from crashing. But it isn't so comfy that you don't work, try to provide for yourself, turn down "bad jobs" etc.

Friday, July 23, 2004

What If Marbury vs. Madison is Crap?

The House voted to restrict the judiciary from being able to decide gay marriage questions between states. God bless them.

The interesting thing in the article is the constitutional questions. Some actually believe that this is unconstitutional because of judicial review. Even though Congress has the right in the Constitution, explicitly stated.

I find it scary that some (some who were opposed realize this is a bad argument) Congressmen are unaware of this Constitutional provision.

Btw, if I were president, I would sign a executive order declaring Marbury vs. Madison as having no basis in the Constitution. That would be a fun day.

A Blues Clapton Is the Best Clapton

Bob Novak Gloats Over Wilson and the Yellowcake

Since Wilson gave him a hard time, we must appreciate this Novak article. He mentions how Wilson actually accumulated evidence for the assertion. He also mentions that the Democrats on the Intelligence committee agree with the facts. You need to read his last two paragraphs:

''While there was no dispute with the underlying facts,'' Chairman Roberts wrote separately, ''my Democrat colleagues refused to allow'' two conclusions in the report. The first conclusion merely said that Wilson was sent to Niger at his wife's suggestion. The second conclusion is devastating: ''Rather than speaking publicly about his actual experiences during his inquiry of the Niger issue, the former ambassador seems to have included information he learned from press accounts and from his beliefs about how the Intelligence Community would have or should have handled the information he provided.''

The normally mild Roberts is harsh in his condemnation: ''Time and again, Joe Wilson told anyone who would listen that the president had lied to the American people, that the vice president had lied, and that he had 'debunked' the claim that Iraq was seeking uranium from Africa. . . . [N]ot only did he NOT 'debunk' the claim, he actually gave some intelligence analysts even more reason to believe that it may be true.'' Roberts called it ''important'' for the committee to declare much of what Wilson said ''had no basis in fact.'' In response, Democrats were silent.

Hey Bob, don't forget the media establishment either. They're pretty silent as well.

Garrett Oliver Explains Wine vs. Beer Snobbery

In other parts of Europe (Germany, Belgium for example) the two drinks are viewed as the equals they are. But in English speaking countries wine has snob status while beer is the vulgar drink. Why is this?

1066. The Norman invasion. Normans are from France, so they were wine drinkers. The Anglo-Saxon masses were beer drinkers. Hence, wine snobbery in the English speaking world.

What the 9/11 Commission Actually Says About Iraq-Al Queda Connections

I'm breathlessly awaiting a correction to run in the New York Times.

George W. Bush Actually Gave a Good and Well-Delivered Speech to the Urban League

You can find the audio/video at CSPAN.

I appreciate the fact that Bush is going after African American votes. I also appreciate the fact that he states that conservative economics will help African Americans.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

The "Bush Lied" Should Either Go Away or Look Insane

Glenn Reynolds makes several good points. Will the unraveling of Wilson's assertions get as much media as he did lasst year? I'll bet the answer is no.

Presbyterians Really Tick Off Traditional Jews

According to Christianity Today the PC(USA) has royally ticked off traditional Jews. First, we decided to continue to allow support for Messianic congregations. I supported that even though readers of this blog know I do not support Avodat Yisrael.

But the more political liberal portions of our denomination (which often but not always corresponds with the theologically liberal portion) got a resolution passed to study whether the PC(USA) should divest of any companies which do business in Israel.

Not North Korea or the Sudan. Even China would make sense. No.

The two combined aren't too good for interfaith relations. I strongly disagree with the second choice, but we will see if the leadership in the PC(USA) can handle a *gasp* lack of dialogue.

More About Iraq Wanting to Buy Uranium

So I go to a link to a liberal magazine. It's supposed to be about Sandy Berger, but look what I read.

"The tale spun by former Ambassador Joseph Wilson that Iraq did not ever try to buy uranium yellowcade from Niger is now in the process of unraveling. And, of course, the phalanx of anti-war journalists is desperately trying to stop the bust-up. But it can't be done."

Man, does that Bush keep on lying and misleading. It's all a ruse I tell you!

Please Don't Equate Christian and Muslim Fundamentalists

Great article which perfectly sums it up. Message for secularists: just because you believe in hell doesn't mean you want to kill people.

Odds and Ends From Our Road Trip

The best pancakes in America are in a restaraunt off of exit 194 of I-40 in New Mexico. At least the best I've had so far. Yes, better than Brooklyn, Iowa. A little bit lighter and fluffier. Laura had it and I had a bite. I had the breakfast burrito.

We need a good taqueria in the Northeast. Not Tex-Mex. We need good ingredients. We need authentic food. I'm willing to call Big City Burrito and see if they want a franchisee near Philly.

Driving through Nebraska does funny things to your mind.

Best sign: "Zzyzx Rd"

Second best: "Prison Area: Hitchhiking Prohibited"

No rain in Arkansas is a good thing.

I hate road work, but I like moving to the other side of the highway.

The amount of wineries far outstrips the amount of variation you can get out of wine.

Between Amarillo, Texas and Oklahoma City every pickup truck was packed with what seemed like all of the driver's earthly possesions. It looked like something out of the Grapes of Wrath.

You may think of it as a truck stop, but I think of it as an oasis.

There is more to freedom than being able to have an abortion and dropping the f-bomb on the radio. If I can get liberals to understand that, maybe we can focus on safety nets instead of socialism. Frankly, if I can get out of the Social Security system, I would be thrilled.

California is a great state but it is the prime example of why economic liberalism doesn't work. Economic liberalism is a parasite which you don't notice much when you have a strong host. But over time, it takes a toll on economic growth. Michael Medved annually talks about reports which show how America is leaving Europe in the dust economically because of their socialism.

I found Alaskan Smoked Porter in a supermarket in Aptos. Unexpected but my most exciting beer find.

New Belgium Brewery are excellent corporate citizens who take care of the environment and their employees.

Rogue has an excellent pub in San Francisco. Very friendly. I can confirm that they hate taxes even more than I do. This link will confirm that.

There is a whole lot of nothing all over the place.

Don't forget to use your AAA discount.

Leaving the Grand Canyon in the Navajo reservation there is a canyon I call the Not Grand But Still Pretty Good Canyon.

When you have a lot of deciduous trees areas look a lot alike.

I assume all of Arizona is as pretty as the Grand Canyon, except most of it is burried underground.

Pac Bell Park (now SBC Park but it will always be Pac Bell) is a nice new park, but not as nice as Citizen's Bank Park. I give Citizen's a slight edge. It is easier to get right to the field in Philly. But Pac Bell has the advantage of being on the bay in San Francisco. It's hard to beat that. Citizen's Bank Park, due to a political history I will not get into, is in the middle of the sports complex. Nothing good around it, but you can get in and out easily. Pac Bell is an excellent ballpark. Very good concessions (garlic fries, Asian food, good hot dogs, good bit of local beer).

Utah might be the prettiest state. Each area is different and pretty in its own way. But some areas are just prettier than others.

Hwang is correct. Nebraska doesn't have that many trees.

Trees start coming back after Oklahoma City.

Without the existance of truckers, I would never attempt a cross-country trip.

If This Happened On My Flight I Would Be Upset 

Political Correctness continues to compromise airline security. A hairy eyeball is not the same thing as taking away someone's rights. If you have a problem with profiling, take it up with Osama.

My Thoughts on the 9/11 Report

I don't care about assigning blame. Clinton vs. Bush, blah, blah, blah.

Here's my synopsis: People don't take care of problems until they arise (think Titanic, Pearl Harbor, etc.). It's human nature. If Clinton or Bush on 9/10 said "let's go into Afghanistan" people wouldn't have supported it. People would have freaked about extra security. Dear me, an extra hour for screening.

In the intelligence arena, there was a lack of willingness to have people do dirty work and deal with dirty people in order to protect us. The Toricelli rule being foremost among the problems.

NAACP Upset Bush Didn't Address Their Convention

Maybe it had something to do with their linking Bush to the dragging death of James Byrd. I don't know. Call it a hunch.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Why Dealing with Saddam Couldn't Wait

A Good Dry Cab

Obviously, I love beer more than wine. But a good dry Cab really hits the spot. I had the 2001 Gallo Cab for $8.50. For the price, really good.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Place Logic Forgot

I love the Bay Area. But if I see one more thing about how Bush stole the election I'm going to laugh.

The media confirmed he had more votes in Florida. Get over it.

Going Through Nebraska

Trust me. You must have a copy of Appetite for Destruction with you.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Vacation Is A Comin'

I'll be away for a while. Not much blogging will happen on vacation.

The alarm will be enabled, so don't even think about robbing me.

Aside from that, we will be riding through Omaha. While I have nothing against Omaha, I must stick up for my friend Hwang. Hopefully, we can find a proper way of expressing Hwang's displeasure.

Aside from that, I hope all is well. You'll have to find unreported pro-Bush administration stories on your own.

Andrew Sparks and Presbyterian opponents of the gospel will get a reprieve.

Take care.

Ad Hominem Attack?

I talked to someone from Presbyterians Concerned About Christian Jewish Relations, who shall go nameless, regarding my article against their views. The person said it was ad hominem in tone and people wouldn't want to stoop to my level of "debate."

I reread most of the article. It was pretty level-headed I thought. Just because I make assessments and think you are compromising the gospel and leading souls into hell, doesn't mean I'm being ad hominem. I didn't say, "they are wrong because they have stinky heads."

Objectively showing how people are trading in heresy tends to make those on the receiving end cranky. :) So what I think is going on is that the person may just be reacting to that.

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