Thursday, August 05, 2004

Iraq and Recruting Terrorists, Part 2

After reading an entry in Hwang's blog on this topic I wanted to further clarify my thoughts on this matter and to bring some historical context to my remarks.

In the last 20 years America has helped Muslims in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan (twice), Somalia, Kuwait, and Iraq. It has produced very little good will in the Middle East, except maybe in Kuwait.

At the same time, I would take an educated guess and say that most Arabs believe 9/11 is a Mossad/CIA fabrication and that the Holocaust didn't happen.

Please ponder that.

I would also add for your consideration that not fighting Iraq and having an embargo (and the corrupt oil-for-food) was wildly unpopular and made people hate us.

As mentioned in the blog previously, weakness towards Muslim terrorism from the Beiruit bombing to the Cole emboldened the terrorists and was probably the main help to recruitment. Weakness is perceived as weakness instead of "wow aren't they nice guys who are trying to not upset me." Which I may add is why insurgents in Iraq believe that if they cause trouble the Americans will cut and run (think Somalia, Beirut). Btw, launching a few cruise missles into Afghanistan didn't make them fear the resolve of the United States.

So given all these pieces of the puzzle the following picture emerges: the lack of democracy and of sane non-government controlled media outlets is a huge problem. Without these two things, it will be impossible to change the hearts and minds of the Arab people. And, to be honest, a free Iraq will, Lord willing, help with that.

Until that time, breathing will be used as a recruitment tool for terrorists.

Seriously though, as I mentioned earlier, smut from Hollywood and America's gay culture seriously tick off the Arab world. But I don't see anyone advocating shutting down Hollywood, etc.

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