Monday, August 02, 2004

Did Invading Iraq Help the Terrorists Recruit?

John Kerry and others have been saying that invading Iraq has helped the terrorists by providing them a recruiting tool. But primarily, they want to use this argument to argue going to war was a bad idea.

I think this line of thinking is bad for a number of reasons.

First off, if you don't want to upset the terrorists let's 1) ban gay marriages 2) convert to radical Islam 3) get rid of all the smut coming out of Hollywood.

How many liberals really want to do this? I would say none. Why? Sometimes doing the right thing pisses off homicidal maniacs.

Secondly, there are no statistics to show this is true. But even antectodetally, they were upset before invading Iraq.

This is exhibit number 1 in John Rabe's view of religious beliefs between liberals and conservatives. Our enemies weren't born good and then went bad in reaction to something we did.

And if you do want to mention a possible cause of their problems, say the Koran, you'll get a verbal beat down.

Now, due to their anti-semitism, we do get a better answer. "Because we support Israel." If supporting Israel causes people to want to kill me, maybe I'm on to something. It's very similar to when John McCain got supported by the media. I knew then that John McCain wasn't for me.

In a side note, lots more Jews will vote for Bush. Anti-semitism and anti-Americanism are starting to have a lot in common. Plus, Jews who support Israel can identify with liberals and Europeans being upset at you for trying to defend yourself. Best quote: Jews are “a little concerned about this notion of ‘We’re going to make friends again with Europe.’ A lot of Jews wonder whether those are the kinds of friends we want, when you listen to what’s going on in much of Europe, and how they stigmatize Israel.”

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