Saturday, August 14, 2004

Beer People Are Some of the Nicest

Along with surfers, beer geeks must be some of the nicest people you can hang out with.

I just got back from Heavyweight's 5th Anniversary open house. Heavyweight is a unique and interesting brewery. Small two. One person operation (along with the owner's lovely wife Peggy).

They made food and people brought food. And we all had a good time hanging out. The best part was that everyone brought nice and hard-to-get beers. Here is a sampling of what was available.

1) New Belgium's oak aged La Folie.

2) Cantillion Saint Lamvinus. Belgian Lambic with Bordeaux grapes added for the second round of fermentation. Fabulous. A good beer for wine lovers.

3) A Belgian beer made with dandelions. Good and interesting.

4) Heavyweight make an ancient Scotish-style ale made with rosemary and other herbs. No hops added. Just like the old days. Not for everyone, but really interesting.

5) An incredible smoked German beer. The smoky flavor reminds you of bacon, but it has none in it. Sometimes flavors you associate with something else (bacon, smoke), remind you of the other thing. Really good and better than the American smoked beers I've tried.

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