Saturday, August 14, 2004

What Are the Worst Films of All Time?

I can only comment on the films I've seen. My worst films, iIn no particular order:

Did you ever find out the Secret of the Ooze though?

About Joe vs. the Volcano. We were going to see Turtles 1 that day, but my mom had just come back from the mall and told us all that there was some sort of "Turtle-Mania" thing going on with hundreds of kids dressed as turtles, and the chances of getting tickets to see the movie would have been zilch.

Joe vs. the Volcano was definitely worse than Mannequin, which we saw at another of your birthday parties. I remember that party because Jeff Hanson's retainer accidentally got thrown away.

I forgot:

James and Giant Peach
French Kiss

But if you want to see a truly awful movie of literally biblical porportions, watch Magnolia.
What about Made in America? Whoopi Goldberg + Ted Dansen = worst 2 hours of my life. I know I have others... L
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