Sunday, August 08, 2004

Does Kerry Have Moore Problems?

Kerry has been alluding to things in the Fahrenheit 9/11 movie. Like the Saudi-Bush family connections blather.

Kerry making any allusions to a Moore flick is just indicative of how poor a campaign this bunch is running. I'll say this, they had about as perfect a script for the convention as they could have had. I mean, that script was Republican good, but besides that, this is about the worst-run Democratic campaign I've seen since Walter Mondale (his Presidential run, not his second attempt to get back into the Senate a couple years ago; although that was pretty bad too, come to think of it).

I truly believe the quick primary season stinks, for both parties. Sooner or later both parties (maybe not the same time) are going to nominate someone and then think (after the person locks it up on day 3) "what the heck have I done?" I think Lieberman or Edwards would have been a more effective choice for the Dems. We'll see. Anything can happen, blah, blah, blah.
Edwards would have been a better choice, I think. Hell, even Dean would have made for a more interesting candidate. I can tell you, though, after living in the Midwest that for the forseeable future, a Jew will have a very difficult time getting elected into the White House. Anti-Semitism in so many parts of this area is a way of life.

Just as an example with numbers, the region from Ohio to Nevada, Oklahoma to North Dakota has something like 10% of the nation's entire Jewish population (look at that area on a map, even a population map, and think about how ridiculous that is). To compare, the New York City metro area alone, which has a little less than 10% of the nation's overall population, has over 20% of the nation's Jewish population.

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