Saturday, August 28, 2004

Socialism Dragging Down France's Economy

Hopefully, one day, we can put socialist policies on the ash heap of history along with Nazi-ism and communism.

Here would be my four rules for government-charity programs:
1) A private solution should be attempted and not hindered first.
2) A program should never create dependence on the government.
3) A program should not discourage people from working and getting off the program.
4) It is morally wrong to tax one group of people to help the poor when you are unwilling to bear any of that burden yourself. For example, the middle 80 percent of earners shouldn't impose a tax on the top 10 percent in order to help the bottom 10 percent. If you aren't willing to help the person yourself, the program shouldn't be instituted.

As someone with a kidney disease, I dread the day they impose a socialist national universal health care programs. I have a vested interest in not getting crappy care. Which will happen. How do I know? Just as gravity will cause an object to fall, government control of something it shouldn't have control over will be a disaster.

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