Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Things Overheard on Chris Matthews

Chris wanted to know who Jonathan Edwards was. Chris, he just happens to be the greatest mind this continent has ever produced. Pastor, theologian, philosopher, scientist. He also just happened to be the guy that wrote "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." Many people don't like the sermon, but that's what happens when God is in the hands of angry sinners.

Chris was interviewing the governor of Minnesota. Chris was asking why the welfare state has been discredited (according to the governor). The governor hit the nail on the head. It was misunderstanding of human nature and how markets work. One is just the aggregate of the other.

Every freaking MSNBC person was trying to drive a wedge between social conservatives and those more like Giuliani. (No, no bias here.) It's a political party people. Republicans generally work like this: if you agree with me on 4 of 5 issues vote for me. Or, in the case of Ed Koch, vote for me if you agree with me on one really important issue. Also, news flash. A lot of Democrats don't believe in gay marriage.

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