Thursday, August 12, 2004

Speak Where God Speaks, Be Quiet Otherwise

I am conservative. (just in case you haven't read the blog) I believe in the truth of those positions. It is one thing to argue for these positions. It is quite another to make them binding on the church. This problem is not unique to either side of the political spectrum.

Here is a recent letter to Presbyweb.

Now let me get this right... The PC(USA) at the level of the General Assembly is unable to make clear statements regarding foundational doctrinal matters (i.e., sola Christus- Christ alone), or regarding the basics of sexual ethics (like "sodomy is wrong) because "we are not yet of one mind on the issues...." Yet, the General Assembly can make definitive statements about how to achieve peace in the Middle East, and what U.S. policy ought to be toward Israel and the Palestinians. Intriguing, since as Reformed Christians we have divine revelation regarding the first matters, yet not regarding the second. Hmm, could it be that we are a denomination that has lost its way? That we are majoring in the minors?

Could it be that we have traded the birthright of the Gospel for a mess of politically correct pottage?

Rev. Walter L. Taylor
Forest Park Presbyterian Church
Statesville, North Carolina

When the Bible speaks clearly, we should not be afraid to invoke the fact that God is behind us. But when the Bible is silent on complex, present-day issues, we shouldn't stop advocating, but we shouldn't invoke the church's authority.

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