Thursday, April 03, 2008

Presbyterian Thoughts About Issues, Etc.

Issues, Etc. was a confessional Lutheran radio show on KFUO, a station run by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. It was cancelled recently which has caused a storm on the Internet, since it was a popular show.

I should know. I've been listening to it since 2004 and have been a regular caller to the show since 2005.

As a Presbyterian (PCA), I feel this show not only was great for getting across Lutheran theology. It was incredibly valuable resource for the larger body of Christ.

Recently, I needed to respond to someone promoting the Zeitgeist movie. Lo and behold, Issues, Etc. did a half-hour interview on it and it is in my iPod.

In early 2006, they interviewed Bart Ehrman. On the show, he admitted (contrary to what he says on NPR) that we pretty much know what the New Testament authors wrote. That will always be a highlight for me.

While I would love the show to come back, I don't think it should. Rather, it shouldn't come back to where it was. It should be independent. It should be its own ministry.

I'm not sure what that would look like, but I would definitely donate to its efforts.


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