Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time to Switch to a Mac

Ever since 1990, I have been using PCs. I am all too familiar with Microsoft. Late last year, it was time for a new computer, and I decided to take the plunge into the realm of Macs.

I haven't been disappointed at all. I have an Unix background from work and college, and the ability to have an Unix-based machine with a great GUI very much appealed to me. You have the stability of Unix.

More than that, unlike Microsoft, Apple has far fewer legacy applications to maintain. Since Apple controls makes (or assembles) all of their hardware, they run into less issues than Microsoft does.

But the biggest surprise, which shouldn't have been a surprise, is all of the great multimedia software that comes standard in the Mac. The iLife software package has a very decent photo tool, iTunes, and a music tool. But I have to say that iMovie is fantastic. It gives you a decent video editing tool. Combined with Apple's DVD tool, you have a very good resource for home movies, school projects, etc.

While some things act differently and take some minimal research and getting used to, I would recommend the switch to a Mac.

Now, some people will object and say they can get a PC for around $600. To that I would say spend the extra $500. Besides all the good software that comes standard, you won't have to be constantly fighting viruses or slowdowns or cleaning up the registry. In three years, your Mac will most likely still be useable. I doubt your $600 PC will be.

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