Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mitt Romney, His Mormonism, and Politics

I have been disturbed by many Christians who do not want to vote for Romney because he is a Mormon. While it hasn't been all Christians, and it may not be the majority of Christians, it is sizable enough to be noticeable.

Martin Luther once said he would rather be ruled by a wise Turk instead of a foolish Christian. That is good wisdom.

What I think most of these Christians are confusing is known in theological circles as Two Kingdom theology, which was first articulated by Augustine. There is the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Man. They are two different kingdoms, two different spheres. They may interact but they have different rules. A vote for Romney is not a vote for church elder.

Now, that is not to say that the faith or lack thereof of a candidate is not pertinent. It is pertinent in so far as a person's faith affects their political views. I do not care if Romney is a polytheist, as far as politics go. I want to know what his political views are.

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I agree; being Catholic it would be foolish not to vote for someone on the grounds of religion, as that happened to Catholics in the past...

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