Saturday, December 08, 2007

How Not to Read the Bible, Part 5
Some of the territory Kugel covers will be familiar to lay Bible doubters already. He reviews the “documentary hypothesis,” which demonstrates pretty conclusively that the first five books of the Bible were not written by a single person (Moses, according to tradition), but actually cobbled together from four, or maybe five, different writers.

Ok, the documentary hypothesis isn't my area of expertise, but I have two articles to bring to your attention.

This one is an abbreviated response. Here are the highlights:
By far, the majority of those holding to the JEDP theory presuppose that the miraculous cannot happen. Therefore, they must conclude beforehand that the Pentateuch is not inspired and Moses could not have written it. They must find another explanation for the Mosaic authorship of the first five books of the Bible.

Such a presupposition does not allow a proper examination of the documents and will result in inaccurate conclusions.
Whether or not a biblical critic wants to take Jesus' word for anything is up to the individual. But no less than Jesus authenticated the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch.

This article and this book seem to be worth reading. I read an involved article in a book which pointed out authentic Egyptians features in the text of the Torah. The kind that the actual Moses would be aware of. I will try to post something about that later.


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