Monday, July 02, 2007

Hwang and Macroeconomics

My friend Hwang is spending his time picking apart my comments on taxation and macroeconomics. While I'm not buying his counter-arguments, I'm willing to give them a close listen.

Unfortunately, I have too much stuff on my plate to be diverted by macroeconomics. What could be more important than macroeconomics?

Here is my summer reading list:

"No Free Lunch" and "the Design Inference" by William Dembski. I want to read up on the mathematical framework of design arguments. Unfortunately, these are on the bottom of my list.

"Jesus and the Eyewitnesses" Apparently this book is a landmark apologetic work which everyone must grapple with. The author covers the internal evidence which indicates the gospels are from eyewitness testimony.

"The Limits of Orthodox Theology" This book is about the history of Maimomedes' thirteen principles in Orthodox Judaism and disagreements on them within Orthodox Judaism.

"What Make You Not a Buddhist" The title is self-explanatory. But it is written by a Buddhist.

When I get to economics, I should probably read Thomas Sowell's books on micro and macroeconomics.

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