Saturday, May 05, 2007

10 Questions That Every Intelligent Christian Must Answer, Odds and Ends

In this post, I want to tackle some comments from the summary portion of the video.

From the transcript:
Our world only makes sense when we understand that God is imaginary.

Actually the complete opposite is true.

1) Morality. This video utilizes morality and as we explained previously morality presupposes meaning and purpose, which are absent if we are going to be consistent with our atheism. Furthermore, moral laws without an objective law-giver isn't going to fly. In atheism, you are left with different configurations of atoms bouncing around. That is not an objective basis for morality.

2) Why do the laws of nature stay the same? A Christian can make perfect sense of this. God established the laws of nature and sustains them. Atheists have no foundation for the laws of nature. They are hanging in mid-air, so to speak. And there is no reason for an atheist to believe they will remain the same one second, one month, or one million years from now.

3) The laws of logic. If you are a materialist, how can you use the laws of logic? They are immaterial. The law of non-contradiction is not orbiting around Jupiter.

4) Universals. We utilize non-material concepts all the time. They are crucial to rationality.

5) Reason and rationality. As an atheist, you believe that all our thoughts are physical and chemical reactions with our brain. Furthermore, you do not believe we were designed or created, by either direct or indirect means, for any ultimate purpose. According to atheism, you do not believe in atheism because it is true. Actually, you do not believe in anything because it is true. You believe what you believe because the atoms are bouncing around in your head a certain way. If believing false things gave us an evolutionary advantage, we would believe false things. There is no way of knowing whether anything we believe is true or not if we are to be consistent with atheism.
Now, let me ask you one last question: why should you care? What difference does it make if people want to believe in a "god", even if he is imaginary?

It matters because people who believe in imaginary beings are delusional.

It matters because people who talk to imaginary beings are delusional.

It matters because people who believe in imaginary superstitions like prayer are delusional.

It's that simple, and that obvious. Your religious beliefs hurt you personally and hurt us as a species because they are delusional. The belief in any "god" is complete nonsense.

According to atheism, why does this matter? Why are there questions we "must answer"? Where does this moral imperative come from?

Atheism has left us devoid of any ultimate purpose. Who cares if someone believes something delusional? Why does it matter that people believe in superstitions? Why should anyone care about hurt to oneself or to the species? Atheism gives us no reason to care.

I have one last question of my own for my atheist friends. As I have demonstrated in this post, why can't you live and think consistently with your own atheism? If I may borrow wording from the 10 Questions video, is it because you in your heart of hearts have knowledge of God? Does belief in atheism come from another source besides rational thinking? Does it perhaps come from your desire to live free from the constraints if God does indeed exist? Did God not answer a prayer of yours and are you angry at Him?

Do not create some "convoluted rationalization" in order to escape the existence of God. Do not reject the God of the Bible because He is not like the God of your pre-conceived notions.


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