Saturday, April 14, 2007

Evolution, Photosynthesis, Quantum Mechanics and Magic

The article I linked to shows the complexity involved with quantum mechanics and photosynthesis. Let's just say I don't think Darwinism is a good theory for this one.

But the best part of this post was in the comments. Someone got it dead on:
We see very clearly a case where “evolution” is being used as a substitute for “magic”. Just like with magic there is nothing that evolution cannot do if you are willing to give evolution powers that a supposedly undirected “nature” shouldn’t have i.e. creating fantastic things out of pretty much thin air.

Here is how another poster described it:
In sum, photosynthesis is a process that converts sunlight into energy used by the cell with nearly 100% efficiency. The complex that accomplishes this feat requires 188 genes to construct. Molecular phylogenetics has produced no evidence of evolution, as you can produce 188 different trees of how it was produced. This leaves horizontal gene transfer as the only possilbe explanation besides design. The problem with HGT is that it can never be demonstrated. It is just this magical event that happened in the past where 188 genes came together, with slight modifications, to create an energy gathering mechanism of an astonishing 100% efficiency.

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