Friday, April 13, 2007

Duke and Political Correctness

One of the things I've noticed over the years in politically correct circles is lack of concern about mistakes or frauds if it serves the greater good.

I noticed this in an article from the Duke student newspaper:
ome students said the confirmation of the players' innocence should not overshadow the underlying issues brought to light during the national reaction to the lacrosse case.

"We will never know what really happened on the night of March 13, but it is our sincere hope that justice has been served," the Black Student Alliance's outgoing and incoming presidents, Malik Burnett, a senior, and Simone Randolph, a junior, wrote in a statement. "The lacrosse incident has become much more than a case of alleged rape, but serves as a lesson that issues of prejudice and inequality still exist within our nation today."

Notice, "we will never know what really happened." But they hope those guys are innocent. In other words, don't give in to the obvious.

"Serves as a lesson." This is typical Marxist true-lie sort of thinking. It doesn't matter that Rigoberta Menchu's story was a fraud. What really matters is that her story shed light on the inequalties and things that were happening.

It doesn't matter that the players were dragged through all that legal stuff for a year. It helped shed light on prejudice and inequality.

It helped shed light that the college campus PC-crowd will overreact before guilt or innocence is determined if it fits preconceived Marxist ideologies.

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