Saturday, March 10, 2007

Elaine Pagels and Karen King

A good time was had by my friend and I. Unfortunately, Pagels had the flu and had to cancel.

King seems less prone to make sweeping statement like Pagels, alhtough I'm not sure how much their beliefs differ.

I asked King why the advertising of the Discovery channel advertised the Gospel of Judas as overthrowing our understanding of Christianity when the author had no connection to the apostles and those who did liberally quote the New Testament. She said they weren't involved in the advertising.

King was arguing that the writer of the Gospel of Judas had a problem with the glorification of martyrdom. Now, King didn't come out and say it, but she came close to equating Christian views about martyrdom with Islamic violence.

My friend pointed out to her that this is just a continuation of the Old Testament. Abel testifies by his sacrifice and is killed by Cain. The prophets were killed and harassed. The Christian martyrs were no different.


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