Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Little Live-Blogging on CNN on the Early Christians

I'm looking for things about the apostles and the earliest followers of Jesus.

"Protests against the Romans..." Are we talking about the person who said "give unto Caesar"?

12:03- They establish that the earliest message contains the Resurrection.

12:06- Keying in on the importance of Easter. Good.

12:07- Pentecost. Good. They are doing neat things with still pictures I first saw in the surfing documentary "Riding Giants".

12:08- Doubting details of Luke's Pentecost account. I'm going to give Luke the benefit of the doubt.

12:09- Recognizing that they went from fearful to bold followers. And that they saw themselves as Jews. And their claims sound like blasphemy.

12:10- Rabbi mentions that divinity of Jesus was key problem with Jewish community. That doesn't mean it isn't true though.

12:14- Did Stephen say the temple would be destroyed? I don't remember that. Jesus did however.

12:15- Establishes Paul at the forefront of persecuting believers in Jesus.

12:16- Paul's experience on the Damascus Road.

12:18- Good job explaining that Christianity is more than the teaching of Jesus while He was on the Earth. It is a religion about Jesus. Good point. But they make Paul a Prosperity Gospel preacher. Not that I'm aware of. Not in Acts nor his epistles.

12:20- Made Peter a Judaizer. That's not right, albeit there is stuff in Acts and Galatians.

12:22- They really understand that this is a Jewish thing. Do Gentiles need to become Jews to believe in Jesus?

They also aren't underplaying James's importance to the early church. Obviously, Peter was important. But they aren't assuming the papacy.

12:28- Importance of the Roman Empire in enabling the ease of travel to get out the gospel.

12:29- Earliest surviving New Testament documents are Paul's epistles.

I gotta go to bed. This is taping on my VCR. I'll blog the rest of this later. Obviously, live blogging would be a little silly in a taped situation. But I wanted to get my impressions down in a note format. And, hey, it is my blog afterall.

And I need my sleep.

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