Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Got to Question Richard Dawkins Today

Richard Dawkins, and famous evolutionist, was in Philadelphia promoting his book, "the God Delusion."

Although I disagree with him, I definitely found his talk fascinating.

Here is my synopsis:

I gave him a multi-part comment. Things in quotes are from memory and may be slightly paraphrased.

1) His talk and his book is imbued with morality. He wants moral laws without a law-giver. He recognized the problem in his book. He sortof bypasses the issue.

2) He removed the basis of rationality. He admitted this inconsistency a couple of days ago.

3) He described self-deception as being better at deceived your conscious self than others. "Since you as an atheist cannot bring yourself to be consistent with your own presuppositions, I see a latent theist."

4) "You are utilizing theism to attack theism. You are stealing from theism to attack theism."

5) "One final note. You are going to use the laws of logic to respond to me. I want to remind you, as a materialist, that the laws of logic are immaterial."

Afterwards, I got to talk to atheists, since the audience was dominated by atheists.

People had a hard time following the argument from reason. These arguments are deep and require time and discussion. Esp. since most of the above are self-attesting. In other words, you just have to grasp that the laws of logic are immaterial.

A man after the talk claimed they were just inventions of man. So can two contradictory things be true if all men were destroyed?

Update: I will post a followup to 2. Also, one of the two men I was discussing I'm pretty sure was the husband of the Philly Freethinkers (I told them that word is inconsistent with their beliefs) Society.

It figures that the most random question at the session would be from a blogger
Good for you, Geoff.
I'm not sure if "random" is the right word. I would go with "only person to point out inconsistencies."
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