Thursday, August 24, 2006

Timothy McVeigh and Radical Muslims

A lot of people who want to get around the fact that most of the terrorists and pretty much all of the terrorists we worry about are Muslim use one particular comment.

"Timothy McVeigh" wasn't a Muslim.


And that means we shouldn't focus on Muslims because?

Now, I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists. Far from it. But common sense should tell us that if the majority of terrorists are Muslims, we should be focusing on them.

If a one-armed man killed someone, you should be focusing on one-armed men.

When I came home the was a man in my house! He had a mechanical...arm! You find this man!

In a seriousness, there was a good article about El Al's tactics in the Inquirer on Sunday. It's basically about how they focus on a person's behavior and not weapons. One point the article made was that while while certain groups should be viewed with more susupicion than others no group should be eliminated from suspicion. One supporting fact was that the biggest plot against El Al was by Japanese in 1972 or something. By the way, that first post was from The Fugitive.
No one should get a pass. And I agree with El Al's strategy.
Obviously we should look at behavior when trying to determine whether a person is a terror threat, but it does make sense that we would target Middle-easteners in particular, they being the greatest threat at the moment (besides our own government, but that's another debate altogether..)

As a white Christian male, I wouldn't be offended if I were profiled because there were an entire underground movement of reactionary terrorists like McVeigh threatening the country's security. I think that Middle-easteners living in the West or Americans of Middle-eastern descent feel the same way.
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