Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Islamists Playing Blame Game

Victor Davis Hanson goes through the standard Islamist gripes and shows that they are without merit. My main takeaway is we shouldn't overly concern ourselves with understanding their gripes. If they aren't rational, we need to understand how to crush the movement.
Islamists have griped, and continue today to gripe, about Western infidels encroaching on Muslim lands. Osama bin Laden attacked because of American troops stationed in Saudi Arabia, or so he said. Hamas and Hezbollah resorted to terror to free Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank, or so they said.

Yet, nothing much has changed since the United States pulled its combat troops out of Saudi Arabia, or after the Israelis departed Gaza and Lebanon, and announced planned withdrawals from parts of the West Bank. Meanwhile, the elected Iraqi government wants American soldiers to stay longer.

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