Saturday, June 03, 2006

Grand Unified Theory of Lost
For a long time, my favorite theory about mysterioso ABC series Lost was that the island was Atlantis with wanderlust: Disguised by the very magnetic fields that moved it, it traveled over the centuries from the Mediterranean into the Atlantic and then the Pacific, picking up an 19th-century slave ship, the Black Rock, and polar bears on the way.

Now, after the finale, I've come up with my own Grand Scheme: Everything is about Charles Widmore (who's reputedly in cahoots with the Hanso tricksters) trying to cover up something big, probably war crimes. Here's what we know:

As we found out on the last episode, Widmore's a filth-rich industrialist, who didn't want his daughter marrying Desmond Hume, previous failsafe-button-pusher in the Hatch.
Desmond was jailed for some offense committed in the military.
Inman, Desmond's button-pushing Hanso-employee Hatchmate, lost his Armed Services gig after turning the Iraqi Sayid into a torturer during the gulf war. Inman also told Sayid about a massacre involving sarin gas.
Sayid also worked during the war with Sgt. Sam Austen, Kate's stepfather.
Sayid's vanished friend/lady love, Nadia, had her house inspected by John Locke, another strandee and button pusher.
Desmond met Jack after having a talk with Widmore's daughter.
Desmond was given the sailboat that took him to the island by Libby, who was seen at the asylum where Hurley was treated.
Hurley knew the numbers, which some fans believe correspond to the geographical coordinates of the island's secret location. (They numbers were picked up, remember, from a radio transmission.)

See the theory on the website.

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