Friday, May 26, 2006

Dan Brown Speaks and Bart Ehrman Attacks

I bit the bullet, mixed my metaphors, listened to the audio book clips of the Da Vinci Code. My reaction? When Bart Ehrman is tearing your theories apart, things are not good.

That's right. John Rabe will find this hilarious, but, the people airing this show on XM Radio, used Bart Ehrman to critique it. I may vehemently disagree with conclusions Bart Ehrman draws from the facts, but I've never found myself in disagreement with the facts he uses. More on his critique later.

So they used clips of Dan Brown talking to the University of New Hampshire. I saw a clip of it on Dateline NBC tonight. I took notes, so here it goes:

Now, when I heard Bart Ehrman, atheist and biblical scholar introduced, I was amused because as John Rabe has mentioned, Bart Ehrman is the goto person for those in the press opposed to the Bible.

Which of Dan Brown's claims did Bart Ehrman debunk?

For the record, he came on the radio at 3:46.

Yeah, in spite of my comments, I've actually used Ehrman (and Crossan and a few of the other usual suspects) as sources on all this Da Vinci Code stuff myself. In my presentations, I've been making a major point about the fact that it's not just evangelicals or Catholics who dispute this--that NO scholars of ANY stripe, liberal, conservative, Christian, non-Christian, believe the theories Dan Brown is peddling.

It's true, and using the liberal scholars has proven to be a helpful rhetorical device.
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