Monday, May 01, 2006

Da Vinci Code Everywhere I Turn

John Rabe has been giving talks. Focus on the Family is currently airing a radio series about it. D. James Kennedy has developed a TV show to help debunk it.

And the obvious question is: why exert so much energy on a work of fiction? Because a number of people who don't know much about church history are being influenced by it. Many have no way of discerning whether the central claims of the book are true or not (outside of the fictional plot). And many just accept Dan Brown's claims on face value.

The problem with responding to the Da Vinci Code is that there are so many errors it is really hard to know where to begin. Just take Dan Brown's claims about the Council of Nicea and Constatine.

The divinity of Jesus was his idea and the church went along it at the council. Not that many years earlier, Christians were willing to stand up to the emperor and die. But now, at Nicea, they were willing to roll over?

For the record, the debate wasn't between a human Jesus and a divine Jesus. Here is an article on what really happened at Nicea.

The power of an idea. Doesn't much matter the literary garb in which it's presented, although the comparative success of DVC versus the "nonfiction" version of this ridiculous idea ("Holy Blood, Holy Grail") suggests that people like their pseudohistory and carnival theology sugar-coated.
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