Friday, February 03, 2006

What's Going on With McNabb?

McNabb said the following in an interview with ESPN:
“It was like, it’s unreal,” McNabb said. “That’s like me going out and saying, ‘Hey, if we had Steve Largent. If we had Joe Jurevicius. It was definitely a slap in the face to me. It was a slap in the face because, as deep as people want to go into it, it was black-on-black crime.”

Not long after that, an NAACP leader criticized McNabb for “playing the race card” in explaining why he didn’t run the ball as often as he used to.

In November, the Eagles suspended Owens for the remainder of the season for his repeated criticism of the team, McNabb and several other issues. The team recently gave Owens permission to seek a trade, and this week he visited the Denver Broncos.

On Wednesday, McNabb brought up some of the criticism he had taken through his career, and said Owens was simply piling on with his statement.

“It’s different to say, ‘If we had Michael Vick or Daunte Culpepper or Steve McNair or Byron Leftwich,” McNabb said of four black starting quarterbacks. “But to go straight to Brett Favre, that kind of just slapped me in the face like, ‘Wow ...”’

What? Of all the things going through T.O.'s mind, I don't think it was "I need a white quarterback." Owens was just responding to Irving, who he respects.

It is becoming apparant that McNabb views quarterbacks as white quarterbacks and black quarterbacks. Could it just be possible that Owens views Favre as a great quarterback?

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