Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lew Bryson Interviews Victory Brewing for Their 10th Anniversary

Definitely one of the best breweries around.

There are good comments regarding the momentum behind craft beer:
Question, then. You’ve got High Falls suddenly deciding that craft is the way to go, you’ve got The Lion all of a sudden making a decision that craft is the way to go, 7% growth for the segment in 2004, 9% in 2005: are we looking at a tipping point?

Yes, we are hitting the tipping point, but it isn’t going to be a rapid change.

No! But I think it’s accelerating.

Yes. Here are my benchmarks. Find a supermarket that doesn’t have a bakery in it. Go back 15 years ago, and how many did? Same story for coffee. 20 years ago we bought our coffee in 2-pound cans and it was already ground and said things like Chock Full O’ Nuts on it. Now that portion of the shelf is minimal. I think beer and other food products are affordable luxuries in a world that is starting to learn better.

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