Saturday, February 11, 2006

Importer Cutting Off Supplies of Beamish
The importer of the creamy, dark stout, one of the few Irish alternatives to Guinness, has shut off the faucet to America. Unless the tiny Cork brewery - Ireland's oldest - comes up with a way to sidestep the cutoff, we'll be hitting the bottom of the keg within a month or two.

That's disastrous news for a handful of independent-minded Philadelphia tavern owners who have been boycotting Guinness for the past six years because of the brewery's suspected ties to a number of Irish-themed tavern chains.
What will boycotting owners put on their nitrogen taps if Beamish can't return?

Murphy's Irish Stout, made in Cork by Heineken, is a logical alternative, though Mooney said, "I can't get anyone to drink that stuff."

He and Mullins said they'd switch to O'Reilly's Stout, made by Sly Fox Brewing, in Phoenixville.

"It's just as good," said Mullins. "But the big problem is it's not made in Ireland, and that's what a lot of customers want."

But he added, "I will not go back to Guinness, not as long as they support places like Fado and Kildare's," another area Irish-theme bar chain.

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