Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What's Going on With the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Black Sabbath, whose first year of ellegibility was 1994 or so, just got in.

Blondie got in.

Van Halen did not.

Except for Pink Floyd, no progressive rock acts are in the hall.

I'm not a prog rock or Black Sabbath fan, but something isn't right about this.

the R&R hall of fame is what it's really strange having something like that for musicians anyway. It's not like you can go by stats like in for prog rock,I can 't stand that crap

I'm not a huge fan either, but a genre should be represented by a few acts.
Well you could nominate Yes, but then the question becomes "do we nominate classic Yes, that horrible "Owner of A Lonely Heart"-era Yes, or the legality-entangled Yes that had to bill themselves as Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, and Howe?"

I think that if someone on the nominating committee asked that question, the next question to follow would be, "hey what time is it? Is it too early to start drinking?
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