Saturday, October 15, 2005

Messianic Jews and Deception

So a bunch of people constantly say that Jews for Jesus or other Jewish groups that believe in Jesus are deceptive.

Why? Because you can't be Jewish and believe in Jesus.

But don't they believe Jesus is the Jewish Messiah? Yes.

So they think that Jesus is the Messiah. Why is this deceptive?

"Because" would be the best answer.

They disagree with you. Rightly or wrongly, they believe Jesus is the Messiah.

Disagreement isn't deception. Why would someone think otherwise?

Some believe that Jewishness and believing in Jesus are contradictions. So much so, they can't even contemplate that someone disagreeing. It would be like someone disagreeing with gravity. It blows their minds.

Now, in the book of Acts people wondered how Gentiles could believe in Jesus without becoming Jews. Things have now been flipped on their heads.

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