Monday, October 24, 2005

Conservatives Are Judicial Activists Too!

Some liberals have decided to forego interacting on the level of judicial theory, so simply saying that conservatives support judicial activism too will have to suffice as a dialogue.

Here is one attempt at debunking such arguments.

You know, Geoff, for all the rattling on and on you do about liberals, think about this: the health care industry never wanted to pay for psychiatric and psychological outpatient services. Even today, a health insurance company is allowed to offer higher copays for outpatient psychiatric services and limit benefits to only a few visits a year. It is only because of liberals that they offer even these limited benefits. Conservatives were content to side with the insurance companies.

The bottom line is this, for all your condescention of liberals, you should thank your god every day for them, because if it weren't for them, you wouldn't be married right now, unless, that is, you were able to afford therapy sessions and the medication out of pocket.

By the way, Geoff, how are you feeling? As per my comment on one of your previous posts, since you believe evolution is bunk, you must be feeling great since most airborne communicable diseases originate from viruses and bacteria that evolve from animal-inflicting strains to human-inflicting ones.

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