Thursday, October 06, 2005

Absolutely no Absolutes

George E. Keck of Skippack decided to write the Philadelphia Inquirer about the relationship of faith and science, upholding the view that they are ships passing in the night.

First: While they are answering different questions, they do relate to each other. If you find the body of Jesus for example and positively ID it using science, please don't patronize me by telling me. Just tell me I'm wrong.

That's a common view, but let's get to the eggregiously bad part of his letter.
"Either/or" absolute language leads nowhere. "Both/and" language leads to new insights.

So Mr. Keck believes the first statement to be absolutely true that there are no absolutes. And he believes that either you use "both/and" language or we won't be able to get to new insights.

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