Friday, August 12, 2005

The T.O. Situation

Wow. Simply stunning.

First off, I am not excusing T.O.'s behavior. However, this was inevitable.

The Eagles deserve some blame. They gave T.O. no way to save face. We gave Japan a way to save face (keep the emperor) after Pearl Harbor, 4 years of world war, and two A-bombs. The Eagles got total victory over T.O., failed to give him a way to save face, and now have no shot to make the Super Bowl.

Not only are they worse without T.O., they would be glad to have Pinkston and Freddie Mitchel back. How sad is that.

I don't know if we would be glad to have fredex back.. but good ol' pinky, yeah it'd be nice if he wasn't injured. There is still hope with g. lewis and reggie brown.. sure the eagles are stepping into the relatively unknown with these two, but there is tremendous upside. Just remember the nfc sucks so the eagles will be fine.
NFC stinking gives me no parades.
How exactly would then let him save face? He went public first, so they had no choice in the matter. They really never responded in a negative way towards him until recently. They just kept saying, "He signed the contract, we expect him to honor it."

There's always choice in the matter. They could have moved some money around. Instead of saying "no, no way" in public say "let's talk."

Not saying T.O. is doing a good thing here. But the Eagles should budge just a little. Otherwise, they got what they go.
Well, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. As I've said before, they may have done that if TO and his agent stayed out of the media. His old agent said that was what he wanted to do (of course he says that now.) I know you're not defending his actions, but once you go public like that it's hard to do something. One of the Eagles cornerbacks was being interviewed and was asked if the Eagles redo TO's contract, would he want to do the same. He basically said he would be interested in a joking manner. That's the danger of redoing a players contract...then others want to do the same. And you just can't tell them to take a hike as you posted earlier, esp. if they are pro-bowlers. I stand by my original point, that TO knew what he was getting into. In Saturday's Inquirer there was an article quoting the NFL players union president as saying he talked with TO about his contract and TO kept saying that he was fine with it and wanted to be in Philadelphia. Chris
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