Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Sad Misuse of Cindy Sheehan

I heard an audio clip of Cindy Sheehan from her appearance on Hardball. She thinks attacking Afghanistan was wrong and we should have attacked Al Queda instead.

I don't want to crap on the lady. Instead, I have to ask why the media has latched onto her as someone who speaks for all the parents of the fallen. Especially when some of her views are quite out there.

My views: I feel very badly for anyone who has lost a loved one in a war. And they certainly have a right to express their views against the war. I know she wants the troops home now, and I understand that, but I think that could put more people in danger when Iraq decends into a civil war if we left now. (That still might happen anyway with the way the constitution is going) Plus, I do think the anti-war protest can help the insurgency. That being said, I think Bush is making a mistake not to meet with her. He's adding fuel to he cause by doing that...

Our Constiutional Convention wasn't all giggles. I think they may be OK with whatever they agree on.

He already met with her. There is no upside to Bush meeting with her now. None.
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