Thursday, August 25, 2005

People Want Politicians to Do Something About High Gas Prices

Here is the problem with this attitude.

Do we want the government to allow drilling in Alaska or off our coasts to increase supplies? No.

Do we want the government to help build more refineries near us? No.

Do we want the government to take away our SUV's? No.

Do we want to bike, walk, or take public transportation? No.

Supply and demand. It really is as simple as that. Use less gas if you want to pay less for gas. But, if it makes you feel better, get angry at politicians.

Good point, there's nothing really immediate that the government can do...i can't feel sorry for all those losers who felt the need to buy SUVs (apprently 54% of the market last year) and now whine aboout filling up costing 70 dollars or whatever. Those yuppies made the wrong move and forgot about history. Good point about the public transportation, although some cities have poor systems. As I've said before, I hope this puts more emphasis on alt-fuels. With that all being said, though, the oil companies are making out big time. They have record profits, so obviously they are raising prices on top of the rise in oil per barrell. of course, they can do what they want, but the oil companies have a part in this. And notice how the price goes up a little too quickly. It takes a while before oil goes from tanker to gas pump, so the prices shouldn't be rising as quickly as they are, if you get what i am saying...

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