Tuesday, August 09, 2005

NARAL Linking Roberts to Abortion Clinic Bombings in Ad
Even by the standards of the pro-abortion movement, the new television ad that the group now calling itself NARAL Pro-Choice America has unleashed is particularly mendacious. The ad features a woman injured in the 1998 bombing of an abortion clinic, attempts to link her injury to an amicus brief that Roberts filed in 1991, and says that Americans should oppose a nominee “whose ideology leads him to excuse violence against other Americans.” NARAL’s press release disingenuously claims that “we are not suggesting Mr. Roberts condones or supports clinic violence” when that of course is exactly what its ad does.

Besides the slander involved in linking Judge Roberts to terroristic activities aimed at abortion clinics I have a problem. Tarring the pro-life movement with the actions of a few extremists is not intellectually honest. Do you abhor the abolitionist movement because John Brown tried to free slave employing terrorism? Are you pro-slavery? Of course not. Yes, there is a certain logic that appeals to unstable people. Abortion/slavery is wrong, so we have to take things into our own hands. In stable people that is tempered by morality which is in submission to lawful government.

Now, before you bring up Islam as a counter-argument to show my inconsistency, let me bring it up. I do think most Muslims aren't a problem. However, I've read about 3/4ths of the Koran and I'm familiar with what the hadith (the traditions of Muhammad, like the Talmud, which are of secondary authority) teach. When a Christian, nominal or otherwise, strays from the teaching of Jesus to love our enemies and pray for them, I am disappointed, but I understand they are in disharmony from the source teachings of Christianity. When I read the Koran and hadiths, I see no such disharmony. Non-Muslims who tell me otherwise usually aren't acquainted with the source material. They'll usually saying all religions are prone to violence.

Which leads us to this tangent. A gentleman at work said this to me. About how all these deaths over history were over religion (like all those Northern Irish bombings were over the infalibility of the papacy). I brought up the 100 million (and counting) dead that communism is responsible for. "That was pretty much a religion." Ok, an atheist system is a religion. If by "religion" you mean "irrational and crazy."

A few things. First, you made a very good historical reference:
"Do you abhor the abolitionist movement because John Brown tried to free slave employing terrorism?" Very nice. Secondly, the arguement about religion being responisble for many wars and deaths is very tired. If you really look at it, most are due to greed, or hatred. Yes, some can be tied to religion, but the majority is not. It may look like it on the surface, but if you look harder you see something different. And saying communism is pretty much a religion is rediculous. That's why I feel a rounded education is important. Many times people who major in a science or math field are very ignorant to the ways of the world, unless they study it in their spare time. When you hear people makes statements like that it becomes painfully obvious why we "need to learn this stuff".

Oh my god! Tell me that the guy who paints Islam as a bloody religion because of a few terrorists didn't just whine about the same thing happening to Christianity.

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