Tuesday, August 23, 2005

John Rabe's Take on Pat Robertson's Comments on Hugo Chavez
Dear Pat,

For the love of all that is holy, would you please shut your incessant pie-hole?

Thank you.

The Entire Christian World

Ok, Hugo Chavez is a buddy of Castro, is running his country into the socialist ground (good thing he has expensive oil), and I've heard is getting buddy buddy with radical Muslim countries. At least some good can come out of this. People will actually know who Hugo Chavez is and possibly care who he is.

Here is a NPR story that probably gives more background.

The whole muslim thing through me for a loop, which countries or people is he supposedly courting?

The evidence of some al-queda link is very weak in that article. The whole Iran thing makes sense if he doesn't like the US. The sentence "He is also reported to have supported al-Qaeda and Hezbollah members in Venezuela." is very non-specific. Not that I am defending him in any way, he's obviously a nut and things in Venezuela are very bad, just ask Bobby Areu or Ugeth Urbina.

Chris J.
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