Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Iran and European Appeasement
The Europeans have just collapsed, having been told in public by Iran that the last two years of "negotiations" were designed to buy time so that Tehran could complete its nuclear plant at Isfahan.

They are said to be privately "furious." But the voices of appeasement can be heard all over. Chancellor Schroeder is again waging an America-bashing election, blaming the US for Europe's dismal failures, and Michael Portillo, eternal candidate to head the Tories in Britain, has just told us that "The United States should show Iran some respect."

Stalin would have known the meaning of those utterances from leading politicians, and so does Ahmedinejad. It is a green light for aggression.

The sad fact is our involvement in Iraq prevents us from seriously doing anything militarily in Iran. And you can't help but wonder how all the bombastic talk by the President may have been a motivation for this nuke stuff. That being said, I am not going to defend any appeasement by Europe. But I don't know exactly what kind of leverage we have here.

Using the military is not the best option in Iran, because the populace is very much against the regime. Many believe they are trying to provoke outside military action so they can rally support from the populace that hates them.

It also doesn't hurt that Europeans are wusses.
true, I have seen things about the young people in that country wanting change. There's a high percentage of young people there. To what "outside military action" do you refer? I hope it works better than the time we encouraged rebellion in Iraq....

Yeah, good point. Not that many good options. Basicly, Iran wants to be attacked by Israel or the U.S., since they could rape the children of European diplomats and Europe still wouldn't do anything about it.
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