Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fired Radio Host Speaks

Hat tip to Greg.

If I had called the Catholic Church a haven for pedophiles because I believed their doctrine of priestly celibacy caused pedophilia, I would still have my talk-radio job today.

If I had called the Christian faith a terror-sponsoring organization because of abortion-clinic and Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph, I would still be an employee of the ABC Radio Company. I know, because I hear these arguments made in the media nearly every day.

But instead, I made the one move certain to endanger my career: I told the truth about a minority group. And in the politically correct nation we live in today, that's the fast track to the unemployment line.

Comments: of the things wrong about the comments is that he didn't tell the truth about a minority group. Plus, techincally, Catholics are a minority group in the US. He seems to want to make himself out to be some conservative martyr..

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