Thursday, August 04, 2005

At Least One German Understands Why Bolton Is Needed at the U.N.
But others disagree, pointing out the UN's many scandals and its inability to act quickly enough to stop the genocides of the 1990s in the Balkans and Rwanda. The UN, they say, is in desperate need of serious reforms.

"The reason why Bolton was nominated is because Bush needs a tough guy at the UN, and wants bottom up reforms," said Jan-Friedrich Kallmorgen of the German Council on Foreign Relations. "Bush is committed to reform, that's why he put someone like that in there. I don't agree with some analysts who say it's a punishment of the Senate or because he's anti-democratic or all that ... He chose Bolton because he needs someone tough enough to take on the bureaucracy."

They need someone to raise hell. For their own good, not to be vindictive.

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