Thursday, August 11, 2005

Article on Saint Sixtus Monks, Makers of Westvleteren Beers

The monks are getting upset that the world is beating down their door for their beer.
Most brewers would be delighted; the monks of Saint Sixtus are not. Mr Bode says: "They are worried about the publicity, about the hype around the beer. This is double-edged. It is a problem." He lives in the nearby town of Poperinge but knows how the monks think because he spent a year in their community. "Outsiders don't understand," he says. "They say, 'You are successful, make more beer; you will make more money'. But the monks believe the most important thing is monastic life, not the brewery."

Worth a read. They do indeed make fabulous beer, but I hear the readily available St. Bernadus 12 is very close or even better than their beer. The makers of that beer used to make beer for Saint Sixtus, or so I'm told.

You will get tastes of chocolate and plums in their beer. Truly wonderful.

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