Sunday, July 31, 2005

Thoughts on T.O.

I am not upset at Terrell Owens, unlike many Eagles fans. Business is business. And, yes, I think he is underpaid.

What, as and Eagles fan, am I most upset about? Andy Reid doesn't quite realize that he should freaking run the ball a little bit more. He doesn't have to grind it out all the time. But no Super Bowl ring will be had until he understands this.

Look, the Eagles knew they were getting a handful when they got T.O. So they shouldn't have badmouthed him in public. They should have taken the high road. And they also shouldn't have played hardball with him. Guaranteed the third year or something. Thrown him a little bit of extra money.

I know, I know. Then, that opens up the floodgates. Who cares? It won't. The Eagles could just say "shove off" to all the other players. Problem solved.

The perfect solution? McNabb could have stepped in and told management to give a portion of his money to T.O.

Personally, I think Reid should give some of his salary to Jimmy Johnson, who is already well paid. The defense has carried the team for a very long time.

Geoff, Geoff, you're glib..TO is right about being underpaid, however there's a couple of things amiss here. First, he COULD have been a free agent before signing with the Eagles. This would have meant more money. But he CHOSE to come to the Eagles. Before he signed the contract, he was asked basically, "You're OK with this contract?" He basically said yes. (The preceding was not meant to be exact quotes) He said over and over he wanted to play for the Eagles because of Donovan and their chances.
Now he's totally done a 180 and is saying the contract is unfair, etc. The same contract he said he was fine with. The same contract he could have not signed and become a free agent.
Now if he wanted more money, he should have done it in a much more respectful way behind closed doors. The Eagles quite possibly might have guaranteed a couple of years or restructured it. But instead, he blasts the quarterback (then he's going to tell the team to pay T.O. more??) and alienates the whole area with all of the other BS. He through away millions in possible endorsement deals by doing that. That's where he could have made his money.
As for giving in, there's no way they should do that. It WILL open the floodgates and create a precendent for other players to gripe.
The bottom line is, T.O. signed the contract, he knew what he was getting into.

T.O. had no leverage, but he has the right to hold out. He was stupid. But the Eagles knew what they were getting into.

They could have held the line w/o badmouthing him in public. They threw gasoline on the fire. They should have said nothing beyond "no comment."

But, still, why isn't anyone upset that Reid won't run the freaking ball?
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