Saturday, July 30, 2005

Thinking Logically About Disagreement

Senator Rick Santorum was on Michael Medved's radio show yesterday. A very upset caller presented his case against Santorum which I will sum up. He was very upset that Santorum was arrogant. He believed that people who disagreed with him were wrong.

While this emotion is understandable, it is not expressed in a logical way. If you don't think people who disagree with you are wrong, you don't think what you believe is right. And if you don't think what you believe is correct, why would you believe it in the first place?

What the caller was trying to express was that telling people they are wrong is mean. And, it can be expressed in a mean and repulsive manner. Or we can agree to disagree.

But I have to ask. Why would you be upset that someone disagrees with you or thinks what you are doing is wrong? I can understand be concerned if those people are going to hurt you. But, short of that, why get so upset?

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