Monday, June 20, 2005

New York State to Create Beer Trails for Tourists

A great idea. It seems this legislature gets it.
A bill making its way through the Legislature aims to create a New York state beer trail, similar to those the wine industry has successfully used to attract millions of oenophiles to the Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley and eastern Long Island. Sponsors of the legislation say it will highlight the reemergence of breweries in New York and help brewers cash-in on the popularity of their oatmeal stouts, India pale ales and bitters.
"People travel all over the United States to go to beer Meccas and events and they make it a point of looking up local breweries and special beer bars in towns they are visiting," Daniels said. A trail would be "helpful for brewers and tourism as well. There is a population of people interested in good beer. They like to try out local breweries and beer they can't get in their home region."

Or you can also pick up Lew Bryson's book on New York's breweries.

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