Thursday, June 23, 2005

Matthew May Not Accepting Sen. Durbin's Apology

Personally, I wasn't offended because Nazis and Pol Pot's regime were used in an analogy. I was upset because the analogy itself is wrong.

It also confirms to the terrorist-loving world that we are a bunch of spineless ninnies.

From another article on American Thinker:
Thus, the left’s fascination with Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and civilian casualties. By concentrating on our sins – both real and imagined – they can take the focus off what the enemy is doing both to our troops and the innocent civilians who are increasingly being targeted for death and place it on an impossibly high moral plane that if we were to live up to, our chances of winning in the end would be substantially diminished. Hence, their most recent argument that it’s perfectly alright to refer to American soldiers and the American government as Nazis because we’re not “different enough” from Hitler’s thugs. This kind of sophistry is impossible to answer. Since they never define what “enough” means, the left can paint the military with the broadest brush possible. If an interrogator drops a Koran on the floor, we’re no better than the Nazis. If we turn up the air conditioning, Pol Pot couldn’t have done worse.

It’s madness.

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