Monday, June 27, 2005

Can I Live?

Rapper is happy his mother didn't abort him, so he writes a song about it. He should be on Oprah soon. Seriously, he is scheduled to be on her show.
Cannon's new music video "Can I Live?' tells a tale that's very different from the gangsta's paradise of dirty dancing and booty calls. In the song, the hip-hop pop star tells his life story or at least the beginning of it and his mom's close call with an abortion.

Cannon, 24, appears in the video as a ghost and sings, "Mommy, I don't like this clinic. Hopefully you'll make the right decision, and don't go through with the knife decision.'

A scared teen, his mother was on a gurney that's how close the call was but got up, and, at least in the video version, ran.

He points out to his mother something she got on some level or else she wouldn't have gotten up: "That's a life inside you, look at your tummy. What is becoming Ma, I am Oprah- bound. You can tell he's a star from the ultrasound.'
Nick Cannon will never know how many late-night debates or changes of heart he'll prompt when someone is surfing and runs into "Can I Live?' but at least one mother is already grateful to him. With a scheduled abortion a few days away, she called the Rachel's Vineyard crisis-pregnancy hot line (877-HOPE-4-ME). After many conversations, a counselor sent her a link to the video.

According to Theresa Burke, founder of the group, the mother's reaction was, "Well, now I know I can't do it.' It's a tough road, but this mother, relays Burke, saw "the gift and value of human life' this "survivor' sings about in "Can I Live?' Instead of the abortion, she went for an ultrasound and saw her twins.

Maybe Cannon will have a cameo in their video 24 years from now.

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