Friday, June 10, 2005

Almost Got to Speak With Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges was on Radio Times on NPR (WHYY) today. He has written a lot about Christian Dominionists. After making a few good critiques, and I'm saying this as an evangelical, he take a mole hill and constructs a mountain out of paranoia, or something that I think resembles paranoia.

He said on the show that religious people dealing with absolutes is dangerous. I called in, but too late into the show to get on the air. "Mr. Hedges, are you saying that it is absolutely true that dealing with absolutes is dangerous?"

The call screener laughed and wanted to know if it was a joke. No, it was no joke. But when Chris Hedges implodes himself on the law of non-contradiction...I guess it can be funny.

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