Saturday, June 25, 2005

Alanis Morissette Actually Knows What Irony Is
VH1: You also did "Ironic." Do people still give you a rough time over it?

AM: God bless that little non-irony song! The sweetest irony is that it's a song called "Ironic" and it's not filled with irony. The best moment I had surrounding that song was in a bookstore in New York. Someone came up to me and said, "You do realize that song is not filled with ironies." I just nodded my head silently. And she said, "Is that the irony?" I just nodded my head and she walked out! [Laughs] It was such a sweet moment.

I don't believe her story that she intended the song about irony to not have any irony in it.

Her music and lyrics were about as deep as a kiddie pool. It would have been way out of her league at the time to put together something that intelligent.

Oh, and by the way Geoff, saw Batman Begins last night. AWESOME movie.

Much, much better than Star Wars.

It was everything the new Superman movie will not be.

I agree; I don't believe her story either....
I loved both movies. I'm a Batman geek, even more than I'm a Star Wars geek, so I couldn't give it an honest appraisal.

But I've been waiting 20+ years to see Darth Vader become Vader.

Great time to be a geek or a 13 year old. Star Wars, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man. Ang Lee's Hulk. Wait a second...
I can't believe it! I was actually going to post on this (having seen her new CD at Starbucks the other night) but you beat me to it!

And I third the opinion: no way she knew those weren't ironies. She thought they were, and now she's playing CYA.

If there's one thing she doesn't show in her exhibitionistic oeuvre, it's a finely-honed sense of irony.
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